The Masked Singer fans SHOCKED as guest judge Rita Wilson breaks out in 'impressive' rap 'just like son Chet'

THE Masked Singer fans expressed their shock as guest judge Rita Wilson broke out in an "impressive" rap.

Many viewers took to Twitter to note that the 64-year-old's rapping skills make her "just like son Chet."

During Wednesday's episode of The Masked Singer, Rita impressed both the judges and viewers when she broke out into a performance of Naughty by Nature's Hip Hop Hooray.

The singer rapped: "You drew a picture of my morning. But you couldn't make my day. I'm rockin' and you're yawning. But you never look my way. I'm licking down your darlin' in every single way. Your funny flow is foreign and a green card's on the way."

A number of viewers took to Twitter to note that Rita's impromptu performance reminded them of her son Chet, who has also been known to show off his rapping skills.

One viewer wrote: "Rita Wilson as a guest judge on Masked Singer breaking out in rap tells me everything I need to know about why Chet Hanks is the way he is."

Another added: "Yep. Chet gets it from his momma."

A third chimed in: "Rita Wilson on here spitting Naughty By Nature lyrics, so thats where Chet gets it from."

The comparisons continued as a following fan wrote: "Rita Wilson is rapping. Now we know where Chet Hanks gets it."

Alongside laughing emojis, another person added: "Not rita wilson on here rapping. I see where Chet gets it from."

Another The Masked Singer fan tweeted: "I see chet gets his personality from rita…"

Viewers didn't hold back as they compared the mother-son duo, as another person shared: "Okay Ms Rita… now I see where Chet got his vibe from."

Others applauded Rita, as one person said: "Rita Wilson doing Naughty by Nature just made my night."

Rita shares son Chet, 30, with husband Tom Hanks, 64.

In addition to Chet, the couple also share 25-year-old son Truman.

While Chet has worked as an actor, rap artist, and musician, these days he is known for his bizarre videos on Instagram.

He launched his acting career in 2007 in the film Bratz and continued to act in a number of supporting roles.

Chet previously got the attention of those around the world when he began the White Boy Summer trend on Instagram.

He coined the phrase “white boy summer” as a spin on the title of Megan Thee Stallion’s 2019 hit song, Hot Girl Summer.

Chet wanted his fans to get on board with this bizarre trend and "tag a Vanilla king" as they follow a set of rules.

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