The Masked Dancer: Scarecrow’s identity exposed with dungarees clue?

The Masked Dancer: Davina McCall explains how show works

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The first episode of The Masked Dancer will see Zip, Knickerbocker Glory, Beetroot, Llama, Viper and Scarecrow all take to the stage for the first time. No one knows who is hiding under the elaborate costumes and each episode will see the judges pay close attention to their dance moves as they try to guess which celebrities are taking part. Ahead of the first episode, Davina McCall told fans to look out for a clue which will help to identify Scarecrow’s true identity.

Davina joined Lorraine Kelly on her self-titled chat show and the host was keen to find out how the series will work.

Lorraine began: “I just wonder how it works. I can understand with the voice and the clues but how do you tell with a dancer? How’s that going to work?”

“Well what’s interesting is I thought, ‘There’s no way on earth we will ever be able to get any clues from a dance,’” Davina replied.

“But actually, people do have a certain physicality to them and we had a couple of nights where somebody was guessed from a movement or energy they had which was really interesting.

“You do get to hear there voices when they do their clue packages.

“We’re really trying to listen out for accents. I mean there are some American accents in there.

“Are they real? Are they faking it? From the accent you can also tell if it is a girl or a boy because we are back down to the basics of, is it a girl or a boy?

“And there are clues everywhere because we can’t hear them singing they put extra clues in.

“There are extra clues in the costume. Scarecrow in particular, every time she came out there was an extra clue in her dungarees.

“The choice of music, Car Wash used very specific types of music. Zip used very specific types of music.”

It comes after Davina explained she has a whole notebook filled with the clues she has spotted and guesses about who each character is.

She said: “It’s important to say that the clues are everywhere.

“They’re in the backdrop, they’re on the costumes, there’s one person who has got apples everywhere… or they might be cherries and we can’t figure out at all what the relevance is. It must be a big clue though.

“We love all these added layers of clues. Me and Mo – we’ve got no idea what’s going on at all! Oti has started strong. And Jonathan has got us all second guessing ourselves.

“I love the guessing, I like trying to piece it all together and I like going back through my notebook.

“I recommend everyone get themselves a Masked Dancer notebook – you will fill it with clues.

“I’ve got pages and pages. Mo still writes nothing. Still! Honestly, it would give me such anxiety but somehow, he always pulls something out of the bag.”

Davina added she thinks Beetroot’s costumes is “really pretty” while Llama is “really funny.”

The Masked Dancer begins Saturday on ITV at 7pm.

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