The Lost Daughter REVIEW: Gyllenhaal and Colman work beautifully together in stylish drama

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Early scenes suggest the divorced academic is enjoying the solitude of a Greek island retreat. After finding an empty beach, she’s happy to catch up on work, bask in the sunshine and enjoy “ice pops” served by a charming Irish vendor (Normal People’s Paul Mescal).

But when an extended family of brash Americans invade her peace, a sense of resentment begins to fester, leading to a seemingly random act of cruelty and a toecurling sexual advance.

Gyllenhaal and Colman work together beautifully, the first-time director’s unfussy camera ceding the actress room to hint at Leda’s roiling emotions.

But the tension evaporates during lengthy flashbacks to the 90s where Jessie Buckley plays Leda and Gyllenhaal over-explains her odd behaviour by detailing youthful struggles with marriage and motherhood.

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