The Greatest Auction fans fume as star buys Elton John’s game for £33k

Charlie Mullins buys a £33k pinball machine

Pimlico Plumbers boss Charlie Mullins left Channel 4 viewers fuming when he set his sights on a pinball machine, which was signed and once owned by Elton John.

Charlie, 70, was curious to find out ahead of the auction who else had shown an interest in the classic arcade game.

Keeping an eye on his competitors, The Greatest Auction star raised the stakes significantly when the bidding for the machine took place.

Viewers were quick to express their shock that the stars had “more money than sense” when Charlie bought the pinball machine for a whopping £33,000.

As Charlie and one other bidder, artist and millionaire Natalia, were caught in a price war, he upped the ante by making the huge jump from £26,000 to £30,000.

While rival buyer Natalia tried her best to keep up with Charlie, in the end, she let him take the item at £33,000.

“I thought he would let me have it as I’m the lady but then I realised that wasn’t going to happen,” she explained.

Charlie had already made clear he wouldn’t have allowed anyone else to buy what he was after.

He later remarked: “I’m not a chauvinist but if she wanted she should have offered more, but she wouldn’t have got it anyway”.

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Baffled fans watching the new auction show quickly took to social media to complain about the extortionate offers made.

Twitter user @Deew04 wrote: “£33k wasn’t too much of a Sacrifice letting it go… #TheGreatestAuction.”

@fredtarran added: “[He] Paid 20K over the odds. #TheGreatestAuction.”

@AndySP01 added: “33 large for an oversized dust collecting clothes rack. Good luck with that #TheGreatestAuction.” (sic)

@thebluntlaser shared: “Nice one. Glad the Pimlico guy overpaid for the pinball machine. Can’t stand him #TheGreatestAuction.”

“What a k*** Charlie Mullins is. #TheGreatestAuction,” @PaulCra47154521 fumed.

@serverhangup commented: “More money than sense #TheGreatestAuction.”

@PaulCra47154521 posted: “This pinball machine is going for silly money. #TheGreatestAuction.”

Others were happy Charlie ended up with the item he was after though, with @tradinguk writing: “#TheGreatestAuction well done @CharlieM_OBE on pinball, I get ya!”

The Greatest Auction airs on Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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