The Family Chantel: Why Chantel thinks her brother is hiding something

Chantel Everett introduced new family members in Season 2 of The Family Chantel. The TLC spin-off show follows Chantel and the family drama that was ignited after she married her Dominican husband Pedro Jimeno. The couple first appeared on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé after Pedro arrived on a K-1 visa to marry Chantel, despite her family believing that he was just visiting on a student visa. Since eloping, Chantel and Pedro’s families have been at war with each other over accusations of mistrust and communication issues.

Season 2 of The Family Chantel welcomed Chantel’s older brother Royal and his new wife Angenette. Much like Chantel and Pedro, Royal and Angenette got married while she was on a K-1 visa from her native Philippines. However, following their nuptials, the newlyweds have been at odds over cheating allegations and a lack of trust. Royal’s suspicions of his wife’s activities became known following an unfortunate miscarriage the couple suffered, where he expressed doubts about being the father of Angenette’s baby. Additionally, he had inklings that his wife was entertaining relationships with other American men.

While under stress over the situation, Royal confided to Chantel and told her about his feelings toward his wife ahead of their second wedding ceremony.

Royal was 'unprepared' for Angenette's wrath

After Royal opened up to Chantel Everett on The Family Chantel, the two siblings and their family headed to the Philippines for Royal and Angenette’s second wedding. While at a bar with Angenette and her friends ahead of Royal’s arrival, Chantel decided to confront Angenette with the allegations her brother had against his wife. Though she denied Royal’s claims, Angenette expressed shock and anger that her husband said such harsh things about her to his sister.

When Royal finally arrived at the gathering, Angenette unleashed her wrath and let him have it. However, in an attempt to avoid confrontation, Royal denied ever telling his sister anything about his wife. “When Angenette’s friends bring up our personal matters, I was totally unprepared for that,” he told producers.

After questioning Royal about the things he revealed to her, Chantel became suspicious of her brother’s intentions and wondered if he was hiding something, Meaww reported. Per the outlet, Chantel “wondered if Royal was lying to stop any fight from brewing up.” She still opted to defend her brother due to him being put on the spot in front of his wife and her friends. That’s what family’s for!

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