The Essential Netflix Guide to Valentine's Day Movies

Valentine’s Day is an excuse to watch a movie that makes you feel ~good~. Or makes you cry into a tiny pint of Häagen-Dazs that isn’t a single serving, but will absolutely be finished in one sitting. TBH, it’s totally up to you. Here are 13 movies to fill your Valentine’s Day streaming needs… whatever those may be.

1 ‘Ibiza: Love Drunk’

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You know when you watch a movie on a wine night with your friends, but everyone’s talking over it and you’re sad that you’re missing what is probably a very good film? Well… Ibiza is the solution to that problem. It’s definitely funny, but it doesn’t require your full attention.

2. ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’

Do you feel like experiencing every single human emotion in the span of an hour and 39 minutes? Well, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is the movie for you! But, with your Noah Centineo obsession, you probably already fully knew that.

3. ‘The Kissing Booth’

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If you’ve already seen TATBILB too many times to count, but still feel like crying over an adorable story about young love, watch The Kissing Booth IMMEDIATELY. Also, Jacob Elordi and Joey King are lovebirds IRL, which should be enough to fill any cold, broken heart on Valentine’s Day.

4. ‘Silver Linings Playbook’

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A Star is Born is not yet on Netflix, but you can proceed with your regularly scheduled “crying over Bradley Cooper” programming with Silver Linings Playbook.

5. ‘Definitely, Maybe’

Definitely, Maybe is a legendary rom-com, so you probably already know how it goes. If you don’t… DILF of all DILFs (Ryan Reynolds) tells his adorable daughter (Abigail Breslin) the story of how he met her mother, but with a lil’ mystery twist.

6. ‘Who Gets the Dog?’

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Alicia Silverstone and Jason Stackhouse from True Blood play a couple going through divorce while trying to agree on a custody plan for their doggo Wesley. This film is low commitment enough that you can fold laundry (or you know, do other romantic stuff with your loved one), and predictable enough so you’re not in a puddle of tears once the credits roll. There’s no guarantee you won’t browse animal adoption websites for the days to come.

7. ‘Gerald’s Game’

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There’s nothing like a good thriller to get you in the mood (for cuddling, etc). Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, Gerald’s Game stars Bruce Greenwood and Carla Gugino as married folk who try to spruce things up in vacation boudoir—only to have things go wrong almost immediately. There’s a dog in this one, too, but let’s just say this four-legged creature is not man’s best friend.

8. ‘Set It Up’

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In 2018, the rom-com genre breathed new life thanks to films like Set It Up, starring Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell as two assistants who hatch a plan for their bosses to fall in love.

9. ‘Michael Bolton’s Big Sexy Valentine’s Day Special’

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Those who are into both Christmas and Valentine’s Day should have no problem enjoying this star-studded Michael Bolton variety special about what happens when there’s a surplus of toys made by Santa’s elves. This is related to Valentine’s Day, promise.

10. ‘Bachelorette’

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Galentine’s Day should always include the following: a never ending flow of bubbly, great friends, and films about great friends like Bachelorette, starring Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplin, Isla Fischer, and Rebel Wilson.

11. ‘Love and Honor’

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If your Galentine’s Day has room for a double feature, this is your opportunity to gawk at a young Liam Hemsworth (who makes out with someone not named Miley Cyrus in this film).

12. ‘Blue Valentine’

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Just having “Valentine” in the title should be a sign that this film will not make you jump with joy, at least, not the second half. But it’s healthy to be reminded that relationships require work, otherwise you might end up like a balding Ryan Gosling and a miserable Michelle Williams.

13. ‘Chocolat’

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This sweet film is best enjoyed with your own box of chocolates (which don’t have to be from a small chocolate shop in France).

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