The Deceived ending explained: What happened at the end?

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The Deceived is a psychological thriller which has been airing on Channel 5, and the final episode has revealed all. The four-part series followed the story of jealous English lecturer, Michael Callaghan (Emmett J Scanlan) and his successful author wife, Roisin (Catherine Walker). Michael’s new lover Ophelia (Emily Reid) discovers the truth about what happened between the married couple, and Michael’s student Annabelle (Saffron Coomber).

What happened at the end of The Deceived?

In a shock plot twist, fans discovered it was actually Roisin who had killed student Annabelle – not Michael.

Annabelle had gone to their house to retrieve the manuscript for her book, which Michael had stolen and claimed as his own.

Roisin and Annabelle got into a scuffle and Roisin accidentally killed Annabelle in the process.

Michael had tried to help Roisin cover up the death, and it was Roisin’s mother Mary (Eleanor Methven) who had started the fire in the house to disguise the body.

Viewers learned Roisin had been in hiding at her childhood home the whole time, and she was not really dead.

Her death was another lie told by Michael to cover for her disappearance, as she had been such a public figure.

Flashbacks revealed Michael had played the same trick to lure in Annabelle as he had done with Ophelia, and Annabelle had fallen for his charm.

However, Michael had made the mistake of writing a note on Annabelle’s manuscript, which linked him to her work.

He feared if the manuscript got out, everyone would know the book he had written had been an act of plagiarism.

Once Ophelia had found out about the stolen manuscript, she ran to her confidante Sean (Paul Mescal) to beg him for help so she could escape him.

However, Sean did not believe her, and instead drove her back to the house at Knockdara, and into Michael’s trap.

Michael tied Ophelia up and left the house, but while he was out, Roisin made a surprise appearance.

A series of flashbacks revealed what really happened the night Annabelle died.

Ophelia learned Michael had been manipulating Roisin in the same way he had targeted her.

He had convinced Roisin she had been going mad following the death of her father, and he used her vulnerability against her.

Following Annabelle’s death, Michael knew he had Roisin in his control, and he had planned to get her a new identity and flee the country with her.

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Ophelia tried to convince Roisin there was another way out, and she did not have to leave with Michael.

But once Michael realised Ophelia had taken Annabelle’s manuscript, he quickly returned to the house to silence her.

He tried to strangle Ophelia but Roisin acted at the last minute and hit him over the head, making him fall down into a cellar and die.

Mary then helped Ophelia and Roisin escape, telling the police it was Michael who killed Annabelle and he had roped Roisin in to cover it up.

They made it look like Michael had killed Roisin, or had taken her somewhere in his car. This gave Roisin enough time to leave Ireland with her new identity.

In the final moments, Ophelia was seen with her new baby, and she was back at university.

Roisin was enjoying life somewhere abroad and she believed she had escaped her past with her fake passport and a new name.

However, fans were left shocked when Annabelle’s brother Richard (Lloyd Everitt) showed up – he had obviously found out the truth and had been following her.

He knew her real identity and said they had a lot to talk about, then the episode ended.

Fans are wondering whether Richard will expose Roisin as the one who killed his sister in another season.

Aside from Roisin and Michael, viewers saw Sean hand Annabelle’s manuscript to the police with Michael’s note on it.

Roisin’s best friend Ruth (Shelley Conn) had found Annabelle’s earring outside Michael’s home, and her assumptions about his evil nature were spot on.

The Deceived is available to watch on My5

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