The Crown casts Jonny Lee Miller as John Major ahead of new series

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Known for his role as Sick Boy in the cult film Trainspotting, Jonny Lee Miller has been cast to play John Major in series five of Netflix's The Crown – much to the surprise of fans.

The makers of The Crown shared news of the latest addition to the hit series on Twitter, as they prepare for the fifth season will focus on the Royal family’s turbulent '90s.

The announcement was made on the show's official page, which shared a photo of the actor and the caption: “Jonny Lee Miller will play John Major in the fifth season of The Crown.”

The casting has surprised many of the show's loyal viewers.

One tweeted: “The Crown never disappoints with their casting. They always pick the right actor for the job. Jonny Lee Miller is a tremendous talent. I can’t wait to see him join one of the best television series ever made.”

Another said: “His acting in Elementary was exceptional.”

A third wrote: “The casting of The Crown has always been amazing. This is their biggest gamble yet. Lol I just don’t see it. But I’ll bet they’ll pull it off. They just don’t miss.”

Others seemed especially shocked by the casting choice, with one person writing: “Have you guys… Like… Seen a picture of John Major?”

Another took to Twitter to quip: “You might as well have picked Scarlett Johansson…”

While we're sure The Crown's make-up and hair team will work their magic – as they did to transform Gillian Anderson into Margaret Thatcher – many fans admitted they can't see any likeness between the Trainspotting actor and former PM.

One wrote: “How on earth are you going to make someone as handsome as Jonny Lee Miller look like Major? Hope your make up dept are getting raises, they’ve got a job ahead of them.”

Another said: “Tbf I’d be skeptical they could pull it off but they managed to make Gillian Anderson Thatcher.”

Jonny, who was previously married to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, is joining a strong cast in the Royal drama.

He will star alongside Imelda Staunton, who plays The Queen, Jonathan Pryce (playing Prince Philip) and Elizabeth Debicki, who is taking on the task of playing Princess Diana.

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