The Chase’s Bradley Walsh rages over ‘unfair’ question which caught out player

Host Bradley Walsh was unimpressed with the questions and answers prepped by the quiz team on set of The Chase as he claimed they had opted for an unfair multiple choice.

As usual, after the cash builder contestants are given the chance to go up against The Chaser for either the amount they earned, a lower amount or a higher amount.

In Wednesday night's episode, contestant Jill managed to get £3,000 in the cash builder, and stuck to her guns in a bid to take home the money.

Facing Shaun Wallace, she answered a series of questions – though one left host Bradders absolutely fuming.

When asked: "In what year were the Princes In The Tower thought to had died", the answers available were A, 1463, B, 1473 or C, 1483.

Bradley immediately said: "What sort of question is that? Give us a chance!

"You could have said 1363, 14 something and 15 something, give us a bit of a chance. They're right next door to each other! What chance we got? Unfair."

Jill did get the question incorrect after telling Bradley she "couldn't remember" the answer.

It didn't look like Bradley was too unimpressed though as he did get his sense of humour back when he asked Jill whether she was there – which immediately saw her smack back: "I'm not that old!"

Although Jill didn't get the question right, she managed to power through the rest of the round and take home the £3,000 after keeping a firm gap between herself and Shaun during the head to head.

However, her luck didn't last for too long, as Shaun was very much on the ball and caught out her fellow teammates, Jack, Peter and Pippa, who all lost their rounds.

She faced Shaun solo in a bid to win the £3,000 she had brought home for her team, but sadly, she was caught by quizmaster Shaun.

He managed to catch Jill with one minute and five seconds remaining after Jill set a target of 10 steps to catch.

Despite not heading home with the money, she thanked both Bradley and Shaun for her time on the show and headed home with empty pockets.

The Chairs airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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