The Chase’s Bradley Walsh accuses guest of being a spy after career revelation

The Chase host Bradley Walsh has accused a contestant of being a secret spy on the latest episode of the ITV game show.

As player Ore, a 31-year-old Civil Servant from London took her place on the stage to face Bradley in the quick-fire round, the host began to suspect she had a big secret as the pair chatted about her job.

While telling Bradley that she worked as a Civil Servant, an excited Bradley replied, are you a spy?

A claim Ore immediately denied.

Not giving up, Bradley went on a long rant about how she would lie about being a spy if she really was one.

“Well you’re gunna pretend when you say that so you say you’re not a spy, so I now think she is a spy by you saying you’re not a spy.

As she continued to deny the role, he went on: “And now you say I’m not a spy and then I think you’re not a spy but then really you are.”

After some awkward laughs from the studio, Ore simply replied: “if I told you, I’d have to kill you.”

“Fair enough,” said Bradley, who eventually accepted her response and moved on to the Q&A.

Fans instantly took to social media to share their reactions to Bradley's allegations.

“Bradley, if she was a spy, she wouldn't be d**king around on TV, would she? #TheChase.” Said one viewer.

A second added: “A real spy would have a fake job #thechase,”

While a third accused Bradley of wearing the accusation thin, saying: “((((Yawn)))) the 'you're a spy gag' is wearing a bit thin now,” followed by a sleeping emoji.

Ore was joined by fellow contestants Katherine, a marketing manager from Leeds, Sinclair, a pest controller from Southend-on-Sea and Cammy, an engineer from Glasgow.

Cammie was the only player to be eliminated during his head to head with the Chaser, Jenny Ryan, aka The Vixen.

The remaining trio bagged a nice £12k for their prize pot but failed to make much headway in the final chase answering only 10 questions correctly.

Jenny was quick to catch the team with more than a minute to spare, sending them home empty-handed.

Earlier in the episode, fans accused chaser Jenny of having an “ego” after a series of wrong answers led to a bizarre rant.

“Does Jenny have to bull**it herself through an incorrect answer every time? Just say, ‘I got it wrong.’ What an ego,” blasted one viewer.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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