The Chase’s Bradley baffled after contestant’s competitive eater revelation

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The Chase host Bradley Walsh was gobsmacked at one contestant's size as he admitted to being a competitive eater.

Bradley welcomed four new players onto the show as they geared up to try their hand at winning a cash prize.

Among the hopefuls was Matt, who stepped up to the podium to answer Bradley's general knowledge questions.

As ever, Bradley quizzed him about his life, hobbies and career.

Matt told the host that he was from Portsmouth but had been living in London "for the last few years".

He also said that he was responsible for looking after his company's "commercial property clients".

Bradley asked him what he likes "to do to relax," to which Matt said: "I'm big on my food, and when I say that I don't mean quality, I mean quantity. My first formal challenge was back in 2015 in Australia, which was a kilogram of steak, 500 grams of chips, 500 grams of vegetables and I had to do that in 30 minutes."

The contestant explained the past time and Bradley looked completely shocked at the revelation while the audience laughed.

Matt continued: "I was the first person ever to complete the challenge."

Bradley wondered what he was planning to do with the prize money, to which he admitted that his "friend was having a stag-do in Las Vegas next year" which he would "like to join him on".

Bradley turned the conversation back to his unusual hobby and Matt revealed that he had "never failed yet".

Walsh exclaimed: "I'm surprised you're not way heavier! You can see that you're tall, I can see that, but…"

The lean contestant then admitted that he "does a lot of exercise" and explained: "If I'm not eating or exercising, I'm sleeping."

He admitted he goes "running and power walking" to make use of his "long strides," which was a joke about his height.

When questioned by the host, Matt revealed that he was "just over six foot eight" and the presenter was clearly impressed as Matt dwarfed him.

The contestant went on to have an impressive cash builder round and managed to bank £9,000 before he went head to head with Chaser Mark Labbett.

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