'The Challenge': Cara Maria Sorbello Threw Shade at Johnny 'Bananas' for Post-Show Feud

Cara Maria Sorbello and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio competed on many seasons of MTV’s The Challenge. And they formed a very unique reality TV relationship. Recently, Cara Maria answered fan questions on Instagram Stories — and she seemed to throw some shade in Johnny’s direction. Here’s what she said.

Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio and Cara Maria Sorbello competed on MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ together

Both Johnny “Bananas” and Cara Maria are well-known for the incredible focus, strength, and competition they brought to MTV’s The Challenge over the years. Johnny got his start on The Real World: Key West and went on to compete for years. He won seven Challenge seasons total — the most of any player.

Cara Maria got her start on Fresh Meat, and she’s also competed for years. She won three seasons, including Vendettas, which only had one first-place winner, and she’s competed in seven other finals.

Johnny and Cara have had plenty of issues over the years, and it seems they remain on rocky terms. When Cara started dating fellow competitor Paulie Calafiore, Johnny said a “darkness” came over Cara Maria that affected their friendship.

“We put all our differences aside,” Johnny told People. “We had this amazing experience on one of the Challenges where we actually became really close and really good friends. Because of recent events in her life with new relationships, that’s completely changed. Our relationships changed and there really is a darkness that’s come over her recently that I think has changed our relationship.”

Cara Maria threw shade at Johnny ‘Bananas’ via Instagram Stories

It looks like Cara Maria and Johnny “Bananas” still have a contentious relationship. She answered fan questions about MTV’s The Challenge on her Instagram Stories, and she managed to throw some shade toward Johnny in the process.

A fan asked if Cara Maria would rather get partnered up with Jordan Wiseley, her sworn enemy on the show, or Johnny. “Both have made my life hell on the show, but Jordan never took it off the show,” she said, according to Reddit. “And I think that we would destroy lives if we didn’t destroy each other’s.”

Reddit users added additional insight into Cara Maria’s answer, too. “As soon as she got with Paulie, Johnny began to talk sh*t about her in real life,” a fan wrote.

“Even though she and Jordan dislike each other on the show, there is a respect there,” another fan wrote. “She hates Johnny. Absolutely hates him. No getting around it whatsoever, and trust me, it is mutual.”

Is Cara Maria still on ‘The Challenge’? Does Johnny ‘Bananas’ still compete?

So, will Cara Maria or Johnny ever return to MTV’s The Challenge? It looks like Cara would rejoin the show if given the opportunity. While she took a few seasons off, she’s given indicators she’s ready to jump back in whenever MTV gives her the call. But Johnny insinuated MTV isn’t calling Cara.

“There are a very select few people who haven’t been asked back, probably never be asked back, for The Challenge again,” Johnny said in a video. To that video, Cara noted, “We are rested and ready but … maybe he knows something we don’t.”

As for Johnny rejoining the cast, we’re not sure. He currently has a number of other projects going on, so it seems like The Challenge isn’t a priority. Fans would certainly love to see him compete again, though. And all of the drama with Johnny and Cara might make them excellent partners for another Rivals season.

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