The burning questions Lucifer must answer in season 5b – from his botched Chloe romance to baby Charlie’s true identity

LUCIFER season five dropped last week and if you’re an avid fan of the show you’ll probably already have made a list of loose ends you want, nay need, answers to. 

***WARNING*** There will be spoilers ahead so if you haven’t watched the latest installment yet, look away now.

Lucifer season five has been split into two chapters, with eight glorious episodes in each release. 

The penultimate series saw Lucifer return from hell, his twin brother Michael try and destroy his life, him and Chloe FINALLY hooking up, and God making an appearance to break up a family row.

  1. Why can’t Lucifer tell Chloe he loves her?

Despite Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship finally getting physical, in the last episode it seems as though he doesn’t love her. 

One of Lucifer’s biggest strengths (and weaknesses) is that he can’t lie, so at the end of the midseason finale (series five, episode eight) when Chloe asks if he loves her, he hesitates. 

Although he infers that he does, he seems as though he can’t say those three all important words. 

So what’s happened from the end of season four when Lucifer told Chloe that she was his first love, not Eve, and that’s why the prophecy came true? 

Luci’s identical twin brother Michael comes to Earth to try and infiltrate his brother’s life but Chloe and the gang see straight through his act. 

Whereas the King of Hell can’t lie, it seems Michael can’t tell the truth and he uses his powers to expose the characters worst fears and manipulate them. 

In previous seasons, Lucifer has been vulnerable around Chloe and able to get hurt but since his return from down under, that side of him has been cured. 

Michael taunts Chloe with this information, reaffirming her fears that it means Lucifer is no longer in love with her. 

  1. What is Michael’s motive? 

Lucifer’s twin brother was teased so much ahead of the drop of season five it seemed as though he was going to have a bigger arc to his storyline but he was rumbled pretty quick. 

It didn’t take much for Chloe, Maze and Amenadiel to realise fairly sharply that Lucifer hadn’t returned from Hell afterall. 

Michael has tried to destroy Lucifer’s life by imitating him, showing Dan his real devil face and kidnapping Detective Decker – but that all got solved in an episode. 

So what’s his deal? At the moment Michael seems fairly two dimensional – where’s he been? And why does he hate Lucifer and everyone else so much?

  1. Baby Charlie – angel or human?

The climatic series four finale saw Lucifer come together with everyone to save baby Charlie, his nephew, from being taken back to Hell by demons to be the new ruler. 

Amenadiel was even prepared to take the child away from his mother and up to Heaven because he was a celestial being. 

But in the last episode of season 5A it’s revealed the baby is as normal as the rest of us. 

Is there something more at play that will be explored in 5B? Or did the end of season four become completely redundant?  

  1. Where is Eve? 

At the end of season four Eve went off to explore the world but it seems like a lot of effort went into her character if she’s not in season five. 

Will she be back? Will she tell Maze she loves her? Will she help Maze to realise she had a soul all along?

  1. Will Chloe find out that Amenadiel ‘blessed’ her parents?

Season five saw Detective Chloe Decker discover she was ‘created’ by God essentially for Lucifer. 

Her parents were unable to have children for a long time but God asked Amenadiel to bless them with a child, that child was Chloe. 

Michael tells her this and after struggling to come to terms with the fact that her life has been mapped out for her she finally appears to accept things.

One major Easter Egg that fans discovered in the latest season is that Chloe’s middle name is Jane – which means ‘Gift from God’. 

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