'The Boys' Showrunner Eric Kripke Says He's Doing 'The Craziest' Thing He's Ever Done in Season 3

The Boys took viewers on a wild superhero adventure in season 2. Here’s what showrunner Eric Kripke says fans can expect when the thrilling Amazon series returns for season 3. 

Eric Kripke says he’s doing the craziest thing he’s ever done next season

The Boys often pushes the envelope with its use of profanity, wild storylines, and surprising visuals. And when talking to Deadline, Kripke revealed that he’s actually going to kick things up a notch with the season 3 premiere. 

“Without giving away any spoilers, I was just in editing yesterday, and we’re doing something here in the season 3 premiere that is not only I think the craziest thing we’ve ever done, it’s got to be up there with the craziest thing anyone’s ever done,” he said. 

“Maybe it won’t work,” Kripke added. “Who knows? But I’m just so high on this gag that we’re pulling off. And it’s certainly something nobody has ever seen before, probably for good reason. So all that’s really exciting. Every episode we do really get to show the audience something they’ve probably never seen before. And that’s exciting. How often on a TV show do you get to say that?”

‘The Boys’ season 3 will highlight the history of Vought

At the end of season 2, The Boys revealed how sordid Vought’s past really is. Through Stormfront (Aya Cash), we learn that the corporation was founded in the 1940s by her husband, Frederick Vought. 

Vought was a scientist who created Compound V and turned his wife into the world’s first superhuman. Adolf Hitler personally hired him. But when the Nazis lost the war, he defected to the U.S. and was pardoned by President Roosevelt. 

According to Kripke, season 3 of The Boys will expand on Vought’s history. And it will also highlight the corporation’s relationship with the government. 

“We’ve been certainly a political and satirical show,” he told Deadline. “We were really interested in exploring both the recent history of Vought, the company in the show, but also through that the recent history of the United States. We got really interested in the myths we tell ourselves, to feel that we’re righteous, really exploring America itself as a myth.”

Season 3 of ‘The Boys’ will also flashback to World War II

In his chat with Deadline, Kripke also revealed that similar to the comics it’s based on, The Boys will flashback to World War II and Vietnam in season 3. “I always really loved it because you got to see how the superhero phenomenon didn’t just affect the present, but how it affected parts of the past as well,” he suggested.

The showrunner also noted that fans would learn more about the history of superheroes in America with the addition of Soldier Boy. 

“And so we have this character, Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles, and he’s been around since World War II and was the first Vought superhero,” Kripke explained. “Through him and through his story, we’re able to explore a lot of the history of the country, really.”

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