The Best Shows Netflix Cancelled Way Too Soon

While Netflix continues to prove itself as a commendable outlet for original TV shows and movies, the streaming giant is responsible for several cancellations that fans felt were unwarranted and unjust.

Netflix, citing exorbitant budgets or low viewership, always uses some business-oriented justification to validate the decision. However, no matter how you spin it, certain shows on Netflix deserved much longer runs.

From shows that question society with equal parts heart and humor to shows with complex narratives, three-dimensional characters, and intriguing concepts, this article will highlight the Netflix shows that were canceled way too soon.

‘Sense8’ (2015-2018)

Sense8 was a sci-fi thriller from the minds behind The Matrix – The Wachowski Sisters – and as one would expect, the plotline was complex and the characters were all equally fascinating, yet vastly disparate in skillset and persona.

Sense8 features a very diverse cast – in terms of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status – yet, through its narrative, works to remind audiences that we are all human before we are anything else.

When eight strangers from around the world realize that they are connected to one another’s thoughts and actions, they come to witness and live the lives that the others lead. Thus, they literally and figuratively walk in the shoes of someone they otherwise would never have had the chance to understand fully.

The show was clever, socially impactful, action-packed, and cinematically astounding, as the cast traveled around the world to shoot. The traveling is likely what led to the cancellation, as the series was too expensive to maintain.

‘American Vandal’ (2017-2018)

American Vandal was a satirical take on the true-crime dramas that seem to be sprouting up quite frequently as of late. Both seasons take a look at the aftermath of various high school pranks.

While the first season focuses on the placement of phallic imagery across a high school campus, the second follows the “turd-burglar:” a mysterious person attacking the school with various pranks involving poop. In both seasons, young, would-be “detectives” try to figure out the source of the crimes.

In classic mockumentary fashion, American Vandal excels as a satire, yet also boasts quite the appeal in terms of mystery. Despite the subject matter, audiences found themselves equally engrossed by the satire and the suspense. Season one of the show boasts an impressive 98% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.

‘One Day at a Time’ (2017-2019)

Possibly the most upsetting cancellation in Netflix history, watching One Day at a Time face cancellation was a tough blow to take. The show confronts contemporary issues surrounding racial divisiveness, sexual orientation, consent, and more with sincerity and humor.

One Day at a Time – based on Norman Lear’s 1970s series of the same name – focused on Penelope (a nurse and mother of two), as she and her Cuban-American family faced the struggles of everyday life. The show, while poignant and reflective of our current political culture, never veered too far into the melodramatic; thus, comedy always won out in the end.

With stellar performances from EGOT winner Rina Moreno and Justina Machado, who played a mother-daughter pair on the show, the series soared. Opening to stellar audience and critical reviews alike, the show was canceled due to low viewership. There are only two types of people: those who watched One Day at a Time and understand the gravity of this loss, and those who missed a cultural phenomenon while it was happening.

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