The best new TV to stream next week – from The Diplomat to Dead Ringers | The Sun

THERE'S a whole host of new and returning shows hitting streaming sites over the next week.

If you're wondering what they are, then look no further, as The Sun's TV mag has your guide on what to stream.


The DiplomatAvailable Thursday

Not to be confused with the Alibi series of the same name, this brand new drama asks where you would rather be posted for your job: troubled Afghanistan or genteel London? For US diplomat Kate Wyler (Keri Russell, The Americans) it’s a no-brainer: troubled Afghanistan. Kate, you see, is great in a crisis zone, less so in a historic building where etiquette, manners and creating the right impression is everything. Unfortunately, then, just when she thought she was heading out to the middle east, she’s made US Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Before long, Kate finds herself having to navigate the niceties of London life, not to mention the public profile her new job’s given her, all the while defusing international crises and keeping her marriage to fellow diplomat and political high-flyer Hal (Rufus Sewell) on an even keel. With a cast that also includes Rory Kinnear, Celia Imrie and Michael McKean, and a streak of black comedy running alongside the political drama, this has all the makings of a top new international thriller.

Brooklyn Nine-NineAvailable Thursday

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Legendary 90s movie bags TV revival with eight-part streaming series

An epic 18 months after it was first broadcast, the eighth and last season of the brilliant sitcom set in a New York police department finally lands on Netflix. Giving established fans the chance to re-watch the final ten adventures of childish detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg), Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) and co, not to mention allowing new converts to complete a box-set binge, the series’ arrival on the platform will be very welcome news. As funny – and subtly hard-hitting – as ever, the season sees the gang make some important decisions about their lives and futures, with the COVID pandemic and the protests following the murder of George Floyd never too far from their thoughts.

Chimp EmpireAvailable Wednesday

Actor Mahershala Ali narrates a captivating new four-part documentary from the Oscar-winning co-director of My Octopus Teacher, exploring the remarkable and complicated lives and power-struggles of a tribe of chimpanzees in Uganda’s Ngogo Forest. Compelling and intimate, the series follows the tribe – the largest chimp society ever discovered – as it undergoes some dramatic changes, with babies being born, relationships both flourishing and foundering and ambitious leaders emerging and falling. With obvious parallels to be drawn with human society, not to mention some seriously impressive camerawork and scenery, prepare to be surprised, entertained and educated.


GhostedAvailable from Friday

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When regular guy Cole (Chris Evans) goes on a date with the beautiful Sadie (Ana de Armas), little does he know she’s secretly a butt-kicking, gun-toting secret agent

Did you enjoy action-packed romcom Mr And Mrs Smith? What about Knight & Day? If so, you’re going to love Ghosted, a not-too-distant descendant of those two movies. Here’s the set up: when regular guy Cole (Chris Evans) goes on a date with the beautiful Sadie (Ana de Armas), little does he know she’s secretly a butt-kicking, gun-toting secret agent. But he’s about to find out in spectacular and rather violent fashion – and before long the pair are off on an adventure to save the world. Having already starred together in the fantastic Knives Out, it’s no surprise to find the two leads have on-screen chemistry by the bucketload. So stick some popcorn in the microwave and prepare for a wild, explosive and romantic ride.

Drops Of GodAvailable Friday

When French wine connoisseur and collector Alexandre dies in Tokyo, he pledges in his will to leave his hugely valuable wine collection to either his estranged daughter Camille (Fleur Geffrier), who hasn’t seen him in years, or to brilliant up-and-coming wine expert Issei (Tomohisa Yamashita). To decide who gets it, the two young people must compete over three tough wine-tasting challenges. Initially reluctant, Camille soon decides to give it her best shot – even though she’s never tasted a drop of wine before. Okay, yes, this eight-part drama is often almost comically serious, but thanks to the gorgeous locations and committed performances, it’s still a heady and watchable concoction. And be warned: it’s likely to make you feel very thirsty. In English, French and Japanese, with subtitles.

Big BeastsAvailable Friday

Being big has its advantages – but it can pose problems, too. That’s certainly the case for the intimidating but remarkable animals featured in this new 10-part nature series. Travelling from freezing poles to tropical rainforests, the African savannah to the Rocky Mountains, the show introduces viewers to some larger than life creatures, which dominate their habitats but still face enormous challenges. With narration by Tom Hiddleston, we get up close and personal with grey whales, elephant seals, giant otters, gorillas, hippos, brown bears, ostriches, orangutans, tigers and polar bears – and find out why large-ing isn’t always a walk in the park.


Dead RingersAvailable Friday

No, before you ask, this isn’t a reboot of the entertaining comedy impressions show from the Noughties. But don’t be disappointed because it's actually a slick-looking, six-part psychological thriller starring Rachel Weisz. She plays creepily co-dependent identical twins Beverly and Elliot Mantle, both gynaecologists, who share absolutely everything, from lovers to drugs. They also push the limits of science and morality to revolutionise the way women give birth. Prepare for an unsettling, darkly funny, seductive and stylish watch, featuring not one but two tremendous central performances from Ms Weisz. Also stars Michael Chernus and Jennifer Ehle.

Alex Borstein: Corsets & Clown SuitsAvailable

If you’ve ever watched The Marvelous Mrs Maisel or Family Guy, you’ll know Alex Borstein. Appearing as Susie Myerson in the former, and providing the voice of Lois in the latter, Alex is an award-winning and very funny comedian, and this week she unleashes her first Prime Video comedy special. Filmed at The Wolford Theatre, also known as the fictional burlesque club from season four of Mrs Maisel, the special finds Alex opening up about her life and telling some very tall tales along the way. Mixing comedy with song – with some help from musicians Eric Mills and Salva Rey – it’s a laughter-drenched treat.


How I Met Your FatherAvailable Wednesday

The How I Met Your Mother spin off is back for a second series, with Sophie (Hilary Duff) still on the hunt for her soulmate in New York. Picking up from where season one left off, we find Sophie trying to work out her feelings for both Jesse (Christopher Lowell) – whose relationship with Meredith (Leighton Meester) remains beyond complicated – and Ian (Daniel Augustin). But will the arrival of a new, more mature man, help Sophie move forward with her life? Once again, Kim Cattrall features as the future Sophie, and there’s also a fan-pleasing cameo from Neil Patrick Harris, who reprises his role of Barney Stinson from the original show. A welcome return.

True LiesAvailable Wednesday

Hands up who remembers classic 90s action comedy True Lies, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a secret agent whose life takes a surprising turn when he finds out his wife has been having an affair? Yes, us too. Now it’s been brought bang up to date and turned into a 12-episode TV series, which tells almost the same story. Housewife Helen (Ginger Gonzaga) is bored by her quiet suburban life, when she discovers her hubby Harry (Steve Howey) isn’t really a computer salesman, but is actually an international spy.

Soon, she finds herself joining him on various dangerous missions to save the world. Full disclosure: this isn’t a million miles from AppleTV+’s Ghosted. Also, the show’s already started in the States, where it’s received some, shall we say, unfavourable reviews. But if you want to turn off your brain and binge some easy romantic action thrills, True Lies gets the job done.


The Real CrownAvailable Thursday

Famously, hit Netflix series The Crown’s relationship with historical fact hasn’t always been a faithful one. This five-part documentary series promises to tell the story behind many of the personal challenges that faced the Queen and the monarchy during her reign. Featuring new interviews with insiders like former lady-in-waiting Lady Glenconner and ex-Archbishop of Canterbury Baron Runcie – “those who really know,” as the series describes them – plus plenty of evocative archive footage, it’s an insight-filled feast for all royal watchers. The series begins with a look at how the family has attempted to balance duty with often dramatic personal crises.


Digman!Available Friday

The entertaining Andy Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Palm Springs) has written and produced this irreverent new animated sitcom, which follows the intrepid but chaotic adventures of adventurer and archaeologist Rip Digman (voiced, you’ve guessed it, by Samberg himself). Twelve long years after he left the world of archaeology, washed up Digman pulls himself together and heads off in search of more legendary treasures, alongside his assistant Saltine (Mitra Jouhari). But danger is never far away – and nor is his rival and former assistant Zane, who’s voiced by Guz Khan (Man Like Mobeen). Rude, raucous and rammed with impressive guests including Daniel Radcliffe, Jane Lynch, Maya Rudolph and Harvey Guillén.

90 Day Fiancé: Love In ParadiseAvailable Monday

The Caribbean is calling once again, as the third season of Love In Paradise lands. As ever, we’ll meet a collection of couples hoping to cement their relationships, despite all manner of potentially divisive differences. Back for another go are season two favourites VaLentine and Carlos, who are on the verge of saying ‘I do’ – only for a ghost from the past to put a spanner in the works. There’s another familiar face – at least to anyone who’s watched The Family Chantel – in the shape of Pedro Jimeno’s mum Lidia Morel. She’s been paired up with a guy called Scott, and they’re going to meet for the first time in person in the Dominican Republic. Completing the set are pregnant Jessica and Juan, nudist Jordan and Everton, April and Valentin, and Matt and Ana.

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Drag Race EspañaAvailable Sunday

RuPaul’s quest for world domination has been spectacular and heartwarming – and shows no signs of slowing. Indeed, this week, we’re already onto the third season of the Spanish version of the show, hosted once again by Supremme de Luxe and featuring judges Javier Calvo, Javier Ambrossi and Ana Locking. The queens sashaying onto our screens this series are a typically colourful crew, most of whom seem to have got their monikers from some kind of online random drag queen name generator: step forward Bestiah, Chanel Anorex, Clover Bish, Drag Chuchi, Hornella Góngora, Kelly Roller, María Edilia, Pakita, Pink Chadora, Pitita, Vania Vainilla and Visa. Viva España!

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