Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry reveals she 'cut off' mom Suzi and sister Mikaila to get rid of the 'dead weight' in her life

KAILYN Lowry has revealed she cut off her mom Suzi and half-sister Mikaila because she didn't want any "dead weight" in her life.

The Teen Mom 2 star, 29, spoke about why she's estranged from her family members in an Instagram Q&A session on Wednesday.

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One fan asked: "What was the final straw that made you cut your mom off?"

Kailyn replied: "There was no final straw.

"I was just tired and I knew if I had any chance at personal growth and being a good mom I had to cut off the dead weight."

Another follower wanted to know: "How is your relationship with your sister?"

The MTV star pulled a confused face in a selfie and replied: "Sister?"

Kailyn revealed back in February that she has "no idea" where Suzi lives and only learned where she works because fans told her.

The Teen Mom star said on her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast with Vee Rivera: "And now I don't know where they live. I have no idea where they live…

"I think she's working. I was like snooping, and someone sent me some stuff cause I had posted about it…"

"Viewers sent me where she works. But I changed my phone number so she would never be able to call me now."

Kailyn hasn't seen her mom since her son Lincoln, now seven, was a baby.

The last time she and her mom spoke on the phone was about a year ago, and it was captured on the previous season of Teen Mom 2.

She previously alleged that Suzi has an alcohol addiction.

“I don’t want my mom in my life until I feel she’s accepted responsibility for how I’ve seen her behave," she wrote in her 2014 book Pride Over Pity.

"It hasn’t exactly been easy for me to block her out completely, but now that she doesn’t contact me very often, I’ve found keeping her out to be much more manageable."

Kailyn last saw her father Raymond, in 2009, when she visited him in Texas while she was pregnant with her son Isaac.

She reviously reconnect with her younger sister, Mikaila Shelburne, who lives in Texas.

The girls both share Raymond as their father and were seen reuniting on Teen Mom 2.

However, in November last year, Kailyn appeared to suggest she was no longer in contact with Mikaila.

"I completely closed the chapter on my relationship between my sister and me,” she revealed. "We didn’t know each other our whole lives, and now that we’re adults, it’s so hard.”

It came after Makaila said she was unhappy about the way she was portrayed when she joined Kailyn on the MTV show for a few episodes.

Kailyn is a mom to Isaac, 12, with ex Jo Rivera, and Lincoln, seven, with ex-husband Javi Marroquin.

She also shares sons Lux, three, and Creed, nine months, with her third baby daddy Chris Lopez.

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