'Teen Mom 2': A Look Back at Jenelle Evans' Biggest Scandals

Jenelle Evans rose to infamy in May when she sauntered back to the husband who shot and killed her dog, got her fired from MTV, and cost her custody of two of her three children. While Jenelle’s infamy star might be on the rise, this is nowhere near the first scandal the troubled mother of three has weathered. As Evans and her husband, David Eason, head back to court, let’s take a look back at all of the scandals that have engulfed the troubled former MTV star.

Jenelle pulled a gun while MTV cameras were rolling

Evans was embroiled in controversy in July 2018 after she found herself at the center of a road rage incident. With her son Jace in the front seat of the car, Evans’ followed a driver to his property, unbuckled her seat belt and pulled out a gun.

The MTV camera crew was on hand when the incident happened. She claims she followed him to his home after he was tailgating her, then brake checked her. The other driver told police that Evans followed him home and ran over his mailbox before she pulled out the handgun.

Jenelle tested positive for THC after having her daughter

Fans watched as Evans carried Ensley and eventually delivered her. MTV cameras were on hand during the 2-year-old girl’s earliest days, but apparently, there was a ton going on behind the scenes. Evans admitted to testing positive for THC shortly after Ensley’s birth, according to People.  CPS visited the new mother and asked her some pretty hard-hitting questions.


According to Evans, Ensley did not test positive for the compound, but apparently, Evans admitted to smoking Marijuana within the 30 days leading up to Ensley’s birth. Nathan Griffith, the father of Evans’ son Kaiser, has accused his baby mama of testing positive for THC shortly after giving birth to both Kaiser and Ensley. He’s also claimed both children tested positive, as well.

The former MTV star incited drama with Blue Apron

When Evans decides she’s been wronged by a company, she really goes at them full throttle. The disgraced reality star used to partner with Blue Apron. The company, which sends meal delivery kits to your home, works with a lot of influencers. Back in February 2018, however, the company cut ties with Evans. Customers allegedly complained that the company was working with Evans and Eason, and it looked like their PR team took immediate action.

Evans insists that’s not how it went down, though. She claims that she decided to cut Blue Apron from her list of sponsors after she found out they were working with Kailyn Lowry. Evans has since deleted tweets that reference the falling out, according to In Touch.

Jenelle doesn’t accept olive branches

Jenelle Evans went on a rampage after Kailyn Lowry sent her a hair care kit as a peace offering. The two Teen Mom 2 stars have had bad blood for some time, but Lowry allegedly thought sending out her PotHead Hair Care line as a gift would make things better between her and her co-star.


Evans was having none of it. The mother of three promptly took to Instagram Live to set the products on fire in her backyard. While it sure was one way to get her point across, it didn’t exactly paint a pretty picture of Evans. Fans of the show, MTV nor environmental protection agencies were thrilled with her behavior. Lowry later went on to refuse to film any scenes with Evans.

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