‘Survivor’ Fans Have Strong Reaction To This Week’s Tribal Council

Fans of ‘Survivor’ were not happy with who went home during this week’s episode.

This week’s tribal council on Survivor was a real nail-biter, and the one person fans of the reality TV show didn’t want to go home was none other than Christian Hubicki. Unfortunately, the fan-favorite had been marked as a huge threat since the merger and his fellow tribe members continued to take swings at him every week until they were finally successful on Episode 13.

As She Knows points out, it has been a several seasons since a castaway has emerged as such a strong fan favorite as Christian did. In fact, Rupert Boneham is one of the former Survivor castaways that comes to mind when you think of ultimate fan favorites.

As die hard Survivor fans know, Rupert was one of four contestants to have the honor of competing during four different seasons of the series because of just how big of a fan-favorite he was. Rupert was a contestant for Survivor: Pearl Islands, Survivor: All-Stars, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

Given just how much fans of Survivor loved the castaway, coined from the first episode as “Big Bang Theory,” it wasn’t too surprising to see lots of negative reactions following his eviction.

Many even exclaimed the producers of Survivor better be working on plans to bring Christian back for a future season the way they did with other fan-favorites – such as Rupert – in the past.

“#Survivor D**n it! Why was Christian voted off! He was awesome & wasn’t a sore loser. In fact, he was always gracious & intuitive. Not to mention, he played a h*** of a game & needs to be a returning contestant. Meanwhile, we’re stuck hearing her boast about her rice – again,” one fan exclaimed on Twitter pointing fingers at Angelina Keeley as one of the least favorite players of the season.

A second fan tweeted in agreement with Angelina as a castaway they would have preferred to see go home this week.

“Christian is the reason you watch #survivor a true refreshing player. Angelina is the reason I want to burn my TV.”

Others reacting to this week’s episode took aim at Gabby instead of Angelina. Many fans couldn’t shake the fact that the timing of her betrayal of Christian followed right behind meeting his girlfriend.

“Gabby will be the most hated survivor of the season if Christian gets voted out. All because she’s a pitiful jealous woman,” a third fan tweeted.

While Jeff Probst and the producers of Survivor have little control over who goes home beyond adding twists and powers to make the game more challenging and unexpected, fans of the CBS series made it very clear they were not happy with Christian’s exit and demanded to see more of him.

The season finale of Survivor: David vs. Goliath airs next week only on CBS.

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