Superhero Bits: 'Justice League' Plot Hole Explained, Daisy Ridley Responds to 'Spider-Woman' Rumors & More

Want to see WonderCon panels for Invincible and Batwoman from last weekend? Will Danny Elfman use Michael Giacchino‘s Doctor Strange theme? What t-shirt did Nathan Fillion sport on The Suicide Squad set? What did Daisy Ridley have to say about Spider-Woman rumors? Did you know Wyatt Russell auditioned to be Captain America before Chris Evans landed the part? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

WonderCon brought together the creators and cast of Amazon’s Invincible series for a panel about the show.

Plenty of fans, creators, and members of the press are not happy about the Thanksgiving Comic-Con event.

If you’re wondering what the return of Milestone Comics has to offer, here’s a panel with the writers/artists.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier showrunner teased a character in Ep. #5 he’d like to see with Thor.

The Batwoman cast and executive producer/showrunner Caroline Dries partook in a WonderCon panel.

VFX made Evan Peters appear more like Aaron Taylor-Johnson as WandaVision‘s fake Quicksilver.

Danny Elfman says Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange sequel will still use Michael Giacchino’s theme.

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