Suni promises not to pounce on Nicky as sexual tension sizzles in Emmerdale

There have been sparks between Suni Sharma (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) and Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) ever since Suni arrived in Emmerdale. As soon as he spotted Nicky he was asserting

that the former fake nanny and con-man was ‘just my type.’ Even though he’d been warned that Nicky is bad news.

Nicky’s early months in the village saw him posing as ‘Nicky Fox,’ super nanny. He was soon installed at Home Farm looking after Gabby (Rosie Bentham)’s son Thomas, and it wasn’t long before he was also attending to some of Gabby’s needs as she had him marked out as potential boyfriend material from the moment she saw him.

Unfortunately for Gabby this was a massive mistake. Not only was he part of an elaborate con set up by his father Caleb (William Ash) to defraud Kim (Claire King) of all her money in revenge for the death of Caleb’s father Frank Tate, but he was also just pretending to be in love with Gabby as part of that plan.

The truth was that Nicky is gay, and eventually he couldn’t keep on pretending to Gabby and admitted everything on the morning of their wedding, breaking her heart.

Another heart he broke was that of his boyfriend Ally (Josh Horrocks), who Nicky really loved but who couldn’t cope when he discovered all of Nicky’s lies.

So you can see why Rishi (Bhasker Patel) warned his nephew that Nicky was bad news, but this hasn’t deterred Suni. He and Nicky are clearly attracted to each other, but Nicky has previously warned Suni that he isn’t looking for another relationship, not after everything that happened with Gabby and Ally.

So in Wednesday (July 26)’s episode, when the atmosphere between Nicky and Suni became flirtatious, Nicky was wary. He was helping Suni write his best man speech for Jai (Chris Bisson)’s wedding and remarked that he wouldn’t be able to go to the wedding because Gabby would probably stab him with a cake fork.

‘Perhaps I could give you a one to one audience,’ Suni suggested, and offered to cook his ‘world’s greatest lamb biryani.’

Frankly we’re in, but Nicky wasn’t as he reiterated that he wasn’t after anything more than friendship.

Suni told him to chill out. ‘Let me cook you dinner and stop worrying I’m going to pounce on you,’ he said. ‘Because – shock , horror – you might actually enjoy it.’

Was he still talking about the biryani?

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