Summer makes huge baby decision after Mike and Esther bombshell in Corrie

Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) was shocked to discover that she was pregnant in Coronation Street this week, and in tonight’s episode she made a decision on what to do.

Her secret didn’t remain that way for very long, as she and Aaron (James Craven) joined Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) and his friends Esther (Vanessa Hehir) and Mike (Tom Lorcan) for lunch in the pub.

While Esther complained about the amount of celery in her hot pot (how dare she?), Summer left her sandwich almost untouched, sparking concern among the adults.

Confused when her glucose levels appeared normal, Billy worked out the truth after Paul (Peter Ash) let slip that she shouldn’t have ibuprofen in her current condition.

Having been witness to the conversation, Esther later tracked down Summer and engaged in a heartfelt conversation, where she revealed that she hadn’t been able to concieve.

The pair were then joined by Mike, who offered Summer a proposal.

The couple told the pregnant teen that if she chose to carry the baby to full term, they would want to adopt it.

Summer was horrified when they promised her money for the baby, but they assured her that it was compensation as opposed to an outright transaction.

In the cafe, Summer took this offer to Aaron, where they discussed the pros and cons of it.

Eventually, Summer returned to the flat, where Billy, Paul and Todd (Gareth Pierce) were still discussing her predicament.

Despite overhearing Billy express his concern that fear of her body image issues returning was no excuse for an abortion, Summer dropped the bombshell that she and Aaron had already made up their minds.

After Billy assured her that they would support her through whatever choice she made, she admitted that they had decided to have an abortion.

Will Summer stick with her plan, or will Esther and Mike make things more complicated?

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