Sugababes star Mutya Buena lashes out at Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Lopez and says they 'can't sing'

I CAN’T say it’s the Sugababes I turn to for flawless vocals.

But Mutya Buena seems to think she’s an expert.

The washed-up founder member of the group has unleashed an extraordinary attack on more successful singers, slamming some of the biggest names in pop music despite her own career drying up.

Of Kylie Minogue, who has one of the year’s top-selling albums in Disco, Mutya ranted: “I don’t think she’s a singer. She’s a great entertainer, she’s amazing at what she does, but singing is not for her.

“If you gave me a Kylie Minogue song except for Especially For You, what other song does she have?

“Can’t Get You Out Of My Head? You can sing that drunk and so can I.

“I don’t think I’ve ever bought a Kylie Minogue track in my life and I don’t think I ever would.”

Moving on to Jennifer Lopez, Mutya said: “J-Lo, you can just shake your a**e crack. Let’s be honest, J Lo, she can’t sing.

“I’m not being rude. She’s an amazing performer, sexy as hell and looks great.

"But I’m not going to tell you J-Lo can sing. I’d be lying to you.”

Asked about Lady Gaga, she went on: “She’s not my cup of tea, to be honest.

"She goes along with the rest of them. She can hit a note, yes, but not for me.

“She should be in a group with J-Lo and them lot. I can’t tell you they’re great singers.”

Mutya’s zingers

Mutya Buena on…

Jennifer Lopez: "J-Lo, you can just shake your a**e crack. Let’s be honest, J-Lo, she can’t sing."

Kylie Minogue: "She’s a great entertainer, she’s amazing at what she does, but singing is not for her."

Ellie Goulding: "Her voice is all right. But it kind of irritates me slightly, just how it is."

Nicole Scherzinger: "Nicole, however her surname is. She’s OK – a great entertainer. I don’t look at her as a singer."

Mutya, who had been planning a Sugababes reunion before the pandemic struck, reckons few current female singers really get her going.

She said: “I’m not going to sit here and pussyfoot around people just because I’m in the same industry.

“If you can’t sing, you can’t sing. I don’t go around saying I’m the best singer but I know I can sing.

"With me judging someone, I know I can back my talk.

“I need to have hairs sticking up on my arms. I’m not just going to listen to people that look cute. It’s all about the vocals.

“But there’s nothing wrong with using your body to compensate for something you don’t have.”

She made the comments during an Instagram Live in which she also dismissed the talents of Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Cheryl Tweedy and Madonna.

Her bandmates better beware if that reunion happens.

If this is how she treats people she doesn’t even know . . .

Singles chart

 ARIANA GRANDE has claimed a sixth week at No1 with her single Positions but festive songs are flooding the charts.

   There are a total of ten Xmas hits in the Top 20, including Fairytale Of New York by The Pogues with Kirsty Maccoll and Wham!’s Last Christmas.

1. Positions – ARIANA       GRANDE
   2. All I Want For       Christmas – MARIAH       CAREY
   3. Last Christmas –       WHAM!
   4. Sweet Melody –       LITTLE MIX
   5. Midnight Sky –       MILEY CYRUS
   6. Therefore I Am –       BILLIE EILISH
   7. Levitating – DUA       LIPA
   8. Fairytale Of New       York – POGUES ft.       KIRSTY MacCOLL
   9. You Broke Me First       – TATE McRAE

  1. 34+35 – ARIANA        GRANDE

Have a very Mari Christmas

MARIAH CAREY narrowly missed out on the No 1 spot last night, but there will soon be new music from her – and her nine-year-old twins.

The US star looked great in her one-off Christmas ­special for Apple TV, where she duetted with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson.

But speaking about kids Monroe and Moroccan, she said: “I actually recorded a song with them when they were six that we didn’t release. It was so cute . . . they’re both singing on it.

“So one of these days I need to be encouraged to release that.”

Laura’s moment

SHE has written songs for Rihanna, Celine Dion and Cher but now LP is back with music of her own.

The US singer – real name Laura Pergolizzi – has releas­ed new song How Low Can You Go and said: “It represents an amalgam of many wild nights I’ve had in NYC and LA. Sometimes they stick with you.”

Boyle-ing point: My celeb Trump card

SENDING a lorry-load of infuriating celebrities to a jungle on the other side of the world is a brilliant idea – I can think of 100 I’d pack on to the next flight tomorrow.

Sending a dozen of ­Britain’s most irritating to a crumbling, freezing cold and potentially haunted castle in north Wales for this year’s I’m A Celeb sounds a decent second best under the circumstances.

But sadly, ITV chiefs missed a trick.

Instead of dispatching a coach of horrors up to Rhyl and leaving them there to freeze for three weeks, some bright spark decided to send 12 ­ludicrously nice folk to a TV set.

For all the drama and tension that was created, we might as well have installed cameras inside a care home and let Doris and Derek reminisce about the war and their grandchildren for the best part of a month.

Where I’d hoped to see near-feral reality TV Z- listers and ex-pop stars prepared to gouge each other’s eyes out in ­desperate pursuit of an unlikely comeback shot, I was met with household names cheerily congratulating one another on their respective achievements. MBE.

So in the spirit of public service, I’ve got a few tips for production staff already thinking about next year’s show, which might help save it from dropping off a north Welsh cliff.

Sign Donald Trump, Lily Allen, Katie Price, Matt Hancock and Prince Andy – and this time let the wolves roam free.

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