‘Stranger Things’: The Duffer Brothers Discussed Killing Off Fan Favorite Max Mayfield In Season 4

Matt and Ross Duffer (Duffer Brothers) had much more sinister plans for Max Mayfield in the latest season of Stranger Things. If you’ve already watched the show, then you know the season ended with Max (Sadie Sink) in a coma with several broken limbs.

The show creators and brothers went on the Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2: Unlocked after show to discuss how her ending was supposed to be much darker as they initially thought of killing the character off permanently. 

“It was discussed as a possibility,” said Ross Duffer.

“For a while, that is what was going to happen. But we ended up in this… we wanted to end it with a little more of a question at the end of the season. It’s still really dark and if Max is going to be okay, we just don’t really know. We wanted to leave it up in the air moving forward into season 5.”

Matt Duffer added, “We wanted them to actually lose. We wanted our characters to experience what that felt like. That was the big idea coming into Season 4 that they were going to lose. We were going to introduce Vecna and they were going to lose to him. That sets our characters up for what will be the ultimate final confrontation with Vecna and with the Upside Down in season 5.”

The future is uncertain for Max as her fate isn’t completely sealed, but she is a fan favorite. Fans will have to wait until season 5 rolls around to see what’s next for the Hawkins heroes of Stranger Things

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