Steve and Tracy's Christmas destroyed in shock robbery in Corrie

Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) is probably hoping for a quiet Christmas this year in Coronation Street, given the fact he’s still recovering after sustaining a nasty injury.

To coincide with Simon actually injuring himself, Steve returned home from Spain recently, with Tracy (Kate Ford) learning he had hurt himself while at a foam party surrounded by women.

While Steve continues to be well, Steve, Daniel (Rob Mallard) is busy showing Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) the engagement ring he’s bought for Daisy (Charlotte Jordan).

Meanwhile, newcomer Damon (Ciaran Griffiths) – who is Jacob’s (Jack James Ryan) dad – hands his son £500 and tells him to buy Amy (Elle Mulvaney) something flash for Christmas.

But as Steve, Tracy, Daniel and Daisy head into Number 1, they’re horrified to realise all the Christmas presents have gone from under the tree!

Steve reports the burglary to the police as Daniel tells Jenny that the ring is now missing – but who was responsible?

Could it have anything to do with Damon?

And what will Steve and Tracy do this Christmas?

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