Steptoe and Son slapped with ‘racist, sexist and homophobic’ Britbox warning

'Allo 'Allo: Radio guest slams 'woke brigade' over Britbox warnings

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British sitcom Steptoe and Son, which ran from 1962 to 1970, has been hit with censor warnings before every single episode. The notice comes after “racist, sexist and homophobic” comments throughout the show was picked up by censors. Now being streamed on Britbox, fans will be shown a pre-warning about the sensitive themes the show may contain.

Eight series of the show from the 60s and 70s have been added to the streaming service, but each episode comes with a sensitive warning.

When viewers now watch the classic comedy show, they will be given a pre-warning that reads: “Contains language and attitudes of the period that may offend.”

A spokesman for Britbox said: “We review and refresh Britbox’s programme catalogue on an ongoing basis.

“Programming on the service that contains potentially sensitive language or attitudes of their era have carried appropriate warnings since our launch in November 2019.

“[This] ensures the right guidance is in place for viewers who are choosing to watch the show on-demand.”

The British sitcom surrounds a father and son rag-and-bone business in London, with an intergenerational divide.

Staring Harry H Corbett as luckless Harold Steptoe and Wilfred Bramble as his mean-spirited dad Albert, the pair often get caught up in mischief.

Their mischievous adventures gave the viewers comedy, drama and sometimes tragedy throughout the show.

Warnings before the show come after an episode called Any Old Iron? brands a softly-spoken antique dealer a “Jessie” by Albert.

The word “iron” also forms part of the Cockney rhyming slang linked with taunts towards homosexuality.

In another episode, Albert declared he “hates foreigners” in an instalment where he sings about race hate politician Enoch Powell.

Steptoe and Son isn’t the first classic series that has been slapped with a warning before its episodes as classic Corrie and EastEnders episodes, The Good Life and Bergerac have also been hit with warnings.

The Catherine Tate Show, which first aired in 2004 and was a huge hit with viewers, also received a pre-warning before episodes due to the sensitive themes on the show.

The show has previously featured blackface, Catherine wearing a burka, and comments about Indian people and curry.

Britbox flagged the show as offensive, and viewers tuning in will now be shown a sensor that reads: “Contains adult humour, sex references, and homophobic and racist language that may offend.”

In her 2007 special, the character “nan” made jokes about her new Indian neighbour after receiving a pot of curry from her.

After throwing it in the bin, she said she didn’t want “the curtains to stink” and also referred to using elephants.

Midsomer Murders was also another classic drama which had been slapped with the warning previews as an episode with Morris dancers in was deemed “racist” after fans sneered at the episode.

The ITV detective drama, which first aired in 1997, came under fire over the scenes.

Many insisted race was a factor within the scenes, causing BritBox to issue a warning before the episode called Blood Will Out.

The pre-viewing warning reads: “Includes traditional dancing that might offend some viewers.”

Steptoe and Son is available to watch on streaming service Britbox. 

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