Step Up’s Christina Milian explains why she agreed to star as Colette

Step Up: Trailer for season three

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Fans are just days away from the premiere of the highly anticipated Step Up: High Water season three. As Christina Milian will become the new face of Colette Jones, the actress spoke exclusively to and explained why she said yes to the role.

Step Up: High Water came to a jaw-dropping end in 2020 after Sage Odom (played by Ne-Yo) was wrongfully arrested for the death of Ernest Octavio (R Marcos Taylor).  

Despite the shocking cliffhanger, fans were met with heartbreak when YouTube announced it had dropped the show. 

Thankfully, Starz revealed it had picked up Step Up for season three, however as well as the pandemic shutting down production, Naya Rivera who originally starred as Colette, died in a tragic accident in 2020. 

With the decision to continue, Christina Milian joined the cast to star as Colette in the show’s upcoming third season.  

The newcomer spoke to and detailed why she said yes to the role. 

Christina disclosed: “I love Colette’s dark past, I love the secret that she’s holding because it’s almost haunting her season and she’s trying to get past it. 

“She’s now in a place of partnership and power, she’s gotten everything that she’s been waiting for, she’s now engaged to Sage. 

“But holding this dark secret, it’s just always this undertone that’s right under it and I love that, many of the decisions that are made are sometimes based on that and then other times it has nothing to do with that.”

Christina added: “It’s just for the best of the tour and she’s dynamic, and she’s she got to make s**t happen. She doesn’t let anything stop her.”

Sage’s arrest for Ernest’s death came as a huge shock because Colette pulled the trigger in self-defence. 

This has the potential to jeopardize the highly anticipated tour they had all been working hard towards. 

As the founder of High Water, Atlanta’s most competitive performing arts school, Sage’s arrest could stain the image of the school and put off its investors. 

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His perception is also at risk as young people from across the country, audition at a place in the school, for a chance to share the stage with him. 

As well as the school, fans also travel far to watch their high-energy and thrilling performances. 

It’s yet to be seen how the students will react to Sage’s arrest, including Ernest’s son Rigo Octavio (Terrence Green), who was also on the tour.

Christina opened up about stepping into Naya’s shoes and said: “It was interesting, it was a lot of fun but at the same time, knowing that it was an existing role and played by Naya, I was a big fan of hers, we related in so many ways.

“So coming into this it was a decision that yes it was such a great offer, but I’m like this is a really big commitment because it’s big shoes to fill, there are fans that are so dedicated to the storyline and to her. So what am I doing? And I had to figure it out.”

Christina continued: “I had to figure it out, I first said to myself, just trust what is happening here and why it’s come to you and it just started to make sense to me. 

“And then the next layer of that was, how can I do this and become my version of her without overshadowing what’s happened before and still tell this story?

“When I got to set, when I started to live it and become Colette and be with Ne-Yo, be with Terrence (Green) and all these different characters and get more familiar with the storyline, I became more and more confident.”

Step Up: High Water season 3 premieres Sunday, October 16 on Starz in the US and on LIONSGATE+ in the UK.

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