Stacey's shock as she discovers Freddie's stunning secret in EastEnders?

It’s fair to say that the Slaters have been struggling a lot in EastEnders recently, with the cost of living crisis hitting the family hard.

With the pregnancy of Stacey’s (Lacey Turner) young daughter Lily (Lillia Turner), the added costs are going to pile on, leading to her finding every means possible to keep a roof over the heads of the family.

But she isn’t alone – Freddie (Bobby Brazier) has hit on a money-making scheme, although his is a little bit more out there than Stacey’s.

Stacey probably doesn’t have much space to judge, given her light-fingered approach to their financial straits, but she is in for a shock when she discovers what Freddie has been doing.

At the start of the week, Jean (Gillian Wright) is thrilled when Freddie offers to treat her to a slap-up Mother’s Day lunch at The Vic.

Flashing the cash somewhat, eh?

But when they get to the pub, Rocky – who is there with Kathy, Bobby and Ben – is desperate to keep a lid on how he and Freddie have been making their money.

Let’s hope he doesn’t put his foot in it.

Later, cash-strapped Stacey needs money and can’t understand how Freddie is so flush. But when she and Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) interrupt a clandestine meeting between Freddie and Rocky (Brian Conley) in the laundrette back room, they get more than they bargained for.

‘In her world, Freddie’s money making tactics has never even popped up, so she just think it’s quite an odd thing to do,’ Lacey told us about Stacey;s discovery.

‘But it’s good money, so I think there’s part of her that also thinks, if you’re paying the rent, you’re paying the rent. She does tell him to stop it but then when she sees that he’s actually making half decent money from it she tries to encourage him to carry on.’

So has she been persuaded to dip her toe in the water when it comes to accepting the money? After all, she is being pressured by loan shark Shiv.

‘She doesn’t really have a choice and she knows that,’ the actress sighed.

‘In an ideal world, she just helps everyone and keeps everyone afloat but I think she realises she’s in a situation where she doesn’t have much choice so she has to take it.’

But will Freddie’s online scheme be enough to tide the family over and get Shiv off Stacey’s back? Given she faces an attack later in the week, it might not quite be the miracle they are all hoping for.

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