Spoilers: Sarah makes a confession that will crush Adam in Coronation Street

Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) is a very career-driven women in Coronation Street.

Over the past few months, she’s been busy working alongside Michael (Ryan Russell) in her new business plan and leaning on her Uncle Stephen (Todd Boyce) for financial support.

Across the road is her partner, Adam (Sam Robertson), who works as a solicitor with Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) and Alya (Sair Khan).

Suffice to say this couple are doing incredibly well in the job aspect of their lives and for Adam, he sees this stability as a chance to focus on something else – starting a family.

Of course, Sarah already has a young son – Harry, but Adam isn’t his biological father.

Tomorrow night, when Sarah admits that she needs to work late again as they’re trying to win a big contract, Adam tells her they need to find time to talk about potentially having a baby.

And next week, while Sarah may have been distracting herself with work, becoming a mother again sits further at the front of her mind, as she admits to Michael that she doesn’t actually want any more children.

But what does this mean for her relationship?

Could Sarah and Adam’s future be in jeopardy if they can’t find common ground over growing their family?

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