Spoilers: Kim destroys Jai and Laurel in grim Emmerdale revenge

Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) just can’t stop himself in upcoming Emmerdale episodes as he decides to take on Kim Tate (Claire King) – fully convinced he can win the battle.

Following Kim’s instruction to fire the majority of the Hide staff and re-hire them on zero-hour contracts, she’s exasperated when she sees them on the picket line outside the HOP.

Furious with Jai, she immediately demotes him until he resolves the situation.

With the picket line deterring customers, Kim demands Jai gets her staff back inside – but she’s stunned by his reaction.

The next day, Kim is furious as the lack of staff means she has to waitress at the Hide.

Before long, Jai and Laurel meet up with a stubborn Kim and present a case study against zero-hour contracts.

When Jai realises his wallet is missing, he returns to Take a Vow with Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) but is horrified to find a bag of drugs.

Confused, Jai struggles to explain himself which causes Laurel to assume he sourced the drugs himself.

Things get worse for Jai as the next day, his and Laurel’s bickering behind the counter causes Kim to put both of their jobs on the line.

With Jai’s situation spiralling, how dark will things get for him?

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