Spoilers: Debbie is left distraught as she hits crisis in Coronation Street

Debbie (Sue Devaney) is in a huge financial mess in upcoming episodes of Coronation Street following Ed (Trevor Michael Georges)’s accident at the hotel.

Ed was electrocuted while he was working, and Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw) made it perfectly clear that she thought Debbie was responsible for endangering Ed’s life and she planned to sue. There was a further shock for Debbie when she discovered that the hotel’s professional indemnity insurance had been cancelled, meaning that there was no way they could fight a claim from Ed and Aggie.

Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) suggests that she could do themed nights at the Bistro, but Debbie knows that will only scratch the surface of the money she needs to pay off Ed.

As she and Ronnie set up the Bistro for ‘Psychic Night,’ Debbie admits to him how much financial trouble she’s in. She says she has only two options left – bankruptcy or an insurance job.

When she hears Ryan (Ryan Prescott) telling the psychic that he’s having money troubles and is in debt himself, Debbie begins to hatch a plan. Is she going to try to involve Ryan in insurance fraud? Will he agree?

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