Spoilers: Daniel kisses Bethany as wife Sinead dies in Corrie

It’s devastating enough that he is about to lose the love of his life and the mother of his baby but Coronation Street’s Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) is about to take action that he could regret for the rest of his life – when he kisses Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) as his wife Sinead (Katie McGlynn) dies.

In episodes which air next week, Sinead will say a devastating final farewell to her loved ones as her battle with cervical cancer comes to a tragic end. But she could pass away fearing that Daniel doesn’t love her after he makes the mistake of sharing an intimate moment with Bethany in Sinead’s dying days.

The moment of madness comes amid Bethany’s admission that she has fallen in love with Daniel. After the situation at home becomes too much and he ends up rowing with Sinead, he seeks solace in Bethany – and one thing leads to another.

A Coronation Street spokesperson said: ‘Keen to create lasting memories for son Bertie’s future, Daniel stages an early Christmas with the family. But when a row breaks out as Daniel insists it’s time for Sinead to rest, she sees red and tells him to get out.

‘Battling his emotions Daniel goes for some air where he bumps into friend Bethany, who’s desperate to comfort a heartbroken Daniel. Bethany’s been harbouring a crush for her writing mentor for some time and when Daniel goes in for a kiss she responds passionately, all thoughts of Sinead momentarily forgotten.

‘However the moment is broken when Ken (William Roache) rounds the corner and witnesses the kiss, ordering Daniel to return home to his dying wife. Consumed with self loathing will Daniel tell Sinead the truth about his clinch with Bethany or is it a secret that will go to the grave?’

The kiss will air on Monday 21st October at 8:30pm on ITV. Sinead’s final episodes will air on Friday 25th October from 7:30pm.

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