Spoilers: Ash in EastEnders exposes the truth about Suki- and pays the price?

Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) in EastEnders has been controlling her children since the very moment they arrived in Albert Square. She has manipulated them into getting what she wants, but we are yet to find out why she has this evil side.

Suki’s daughter Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Gaucha) has been brave enough to stand up for herself on a number of occasions, and doesn’t agree with most things her mother does, especially after Jags (Amar Adatia) was wrongly arrested.

There’s been speculation on the Panesars background for a while, but could we finally find out the reason behind Suki’s manipulative behaviour when Ash exposes the truth?

Iqra (Priya Davdra) barges in full of excitement to Ash – Habiba (Rhukku Nahar) is pregnant with Jags’ baby. Feeling guilty about her brother and the sacrifices he has made, Ash goes to tell her mother, but it turns out Suki is already aware but couldn’t care less, leading to the two warring.

Angered by her mother’s vicious behaviour, Ash storms home and tells Iqra the truth – Jags is innocent.

How will Iqra react to this news? Will Ash pay the price when Suki discovers Iqra knows Jags shouldn’t be in prison?

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