‘Spectacular!’ Antiques Road Trip expert stunned as toy rattle makes huge profit

Antiques Road Trip: Antique rattle goes for £400

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Antiques Road Trip experts James Braxton and Irita Marriott toured through Kent in a recent episode of the hit BBC show. The duo were on the hunt for some interesting antiques they could turn a profit on. However, the pair were left stunned when a small toy rattle sold for £400 at auction.

James was searching around an antique shop in Kent when something shiny caught his eye.

“This is rather an interesting fellow,” James said, as he picked up a small rattle.

Taking a closer look at the item, the expert remarked: “All that glitters is gold. In this case, it isn’t gold though. A brass Indian babies rattle.

“So, it’s got an incorporated whistle and at the other end here you often had a semi-precious stone, maybe coral, possibly jade, something like that.

“It was known sometimes as a baby’s rattle or teether,” he added.

James examined the rattle closely and eventually decided he might be able to make a profit on it at auction.

After striking up a bargain with the antique shop owner, James bought the rattle for £25.

Later on in the programme, James and Irita took a number of items they’d collected throughout the show to auction.

However, the pair got a surprise when they realised there was a large amount of interest in the baby rattle.

“Oh my god, fantastic!” Irita exclaimed as the bids started at £80, meaning James was already guaranteed a profit.

The bids swiftly shot past the £160 mark and James said: “I mean, what’s happened to me?”

“Wow,” he added, stunned by the ongoing auction as another bid came in at £360.

Irita excitedly yelled: “£360 go on! Come on one more bid.”

The pair burst out laughing as another bid came through almost immediately.

After a long bidding war, the rattle eventually sold for £400, securing James a profit of £375.

The programme revealed that the antique had been sold to a buyer in Belgium.

Irita made it clear she was in awe of her co-star’s find and the result of the auction.

“£400 James!” Irita exclaimed, with James remarking: “It’s amazing.”

“I mean it was a spectacular thing,” Irita added, with James nodding in agreement.

Antiques Road Trip airs weekdays at 4:30 pm on BBC One.

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