'Southern Charm New Orleans': Jeff Charleston Is Making a Big Lifestyle Change After an Embarrassing Night Out

Jeff Charleston of Southern Charm New Orleans fame has been dealing with some challenging changes in his life. Jeff and Reagan Charleston, who had been together for six years, wound up divorcing relatively recently — a move that shocked friends and fans alike. 

Since then, Jeff Charleston has been struggling to come to terms with his new life as a bachelor — as well as the fact that Reagan has already moved on, finding love again in her new husband, Reece Thomas. In fact, Reagan and Reece just welcomed a baby daughter into the world. 

Now, Jeff Charleston is saying it’s time for a change. Following a bit of a meltdown after drinking way too much, Jeff says it might be time to kick the habit. 

A difficult marriage 

Fans of Southern Charm New Orleans were surprised when Reagan and Jeff Charleston decided it was time to call off their marriage. Even some of their friends were surprised to learn that the couple had decided to divorce. 

According to Reagan Charleston, it was uncommon for them to discuss their marriage difficulties with others. Reagan tweeted, “I didn’t talk about how messed up our marriage was because it was embarrassing and I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t happy. @jefecharleston wasn’t happy. It was constant volatility and turbulence at home. We were miserable.”

Jeff Charleston also opened up about their divorce, saying that he suspects depression played a big role in the challenges they faced. “I went through extreme depression and I didn’t know what depression was,” Jeff said to Reagan. Jeff noted that the head injuries he sustained while playing for the NFL may well have lead to some of the mental health challenges he faced.

Meanwhile, some fans suspected that the divorce could have something to do with finances — a rumor that Reagan was quick to shut down. “And to the imbeciles saying I left bc of what happened with @jefecharleston mom and saying it had to do with $ — we never had financial problems. Our house was paid off. I have a successful business. I was finishing law school. I have a super supportive fam,” she tweeted.

A wild night out leads to introspection

On a recent episode of Southern Charm New Orleans, Justin Reese and his girlfriend Kelsey Nichols hosted a party. Jeff Charleston, unfortunately, had far too much to drink. The star ran outside, laid in front of neighbor’s houses, and even ended up taking his shirt off. 

In an interview with RealityBuzz TV, Charleston said, “This is probably one of my harder episodes to watch. It’s because, you know … I was vulnerable and I let myself down.” He later tweeted that he wasn’t proud of his behavior. 

However, it sounds as if the embarrassing night lead to some introspection for Charleston. He went on to say, “I lost my job and I lost my wife, and you know, I told everyone that everything’s alright. I think a lot of people do that. A lot of people don’t have someone like Tamica [Lee] to call them on their BS.” 

A big life change for Jeff Charleston

The Southern Charm New Orleans star has been making inroads in getting to know himself and growing into his new life. He revealed that he’s seeking help from a therapist — who doesn’t love an emotionally literate and self-aware man?

Meanwhile, his friends say he’s living it up. “He went out on a couple of dates. He told me about one person but it’s so brand new. We’re still trying to wait and see how that develops for him,” said Justine Reese.

But, the biggest life change for Jeff Charleston is about alcohol. He revealed to RealityBuzz, “I don’t know if I’m really supposed to announce this or not, but I’ve stopped drinking. I started being a lot healthier … it’s made a world of a difference in my life.”

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