‘South Park’ Santa Delivers A Not So Merry C-Word

South Park has a long history with the holidays, what with Santa fighting Jesus in that fateful 1995 proto-episode, and the very merry Mr. Hankey leaving his own Christmas mark wherever he goes, but the Comedy Central animated series outdid itself last night with a never-before yuletide delivery.

Santa said the c-word. And it wasn’t “Christmas.”

That particular non-bleeped obscenity apparently was a first for the Trey Parker and Matt Stone animated series. The kids (and adults) of South Park have said just about everything else, but the ultra-crude, supremely sexist synonym for vagina was a hold-out until last night, having been bleeped in previous utterances.

The Season 22 finale “Bike Parade” stormed that barricade thusly: Santa Claus arrives to deliver toys to the toy-less and joyless town in the wake of an Amazon factory shut-down. Santa is particularly pleased to help the burg since his old poo pal Mr. Hankey is a resident.

Then the townfolk deliver the news: Mr. Hankey was banished forever after some inappropriate Ambien-tweeting.

“He tweeted some inappropriate things?,” asks an incredulous Claus. “Oh you bunch of [bleeps]. I’m getting back in my sleigh now. Merry Christmas, have fun sucking Jeff Bezos’ dick, you bunch of c**ts.”

Why South Park chose last night, at the end of its 22nd season, to break that particular barrier can only be surmised, but the “inappropriate tweets” topic probably had most to do with the decision. Longtime opponents of what they deem political correctness, Parker and Stone no doubt despise the backlashes that come from the resurrection of old tweets. See Kevin Hart for the most recent example.

And see the South Park response above. Obviously, NSFW or kids.

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