Sophie Skelton Breaks Down Brianna's Harrowing 'Outlander' Episode

HB: You’ve said several times in the lead-up to tonight’s episode that you wanted to do justice to real-life rape survivors. What did that look like for you? What sort of research did you do, and have you heard anything from readers who know what’s coming in this episode?

HB: The show has seen some backlash surrounding its depiction of rape in seasons past. How did you feel about the decision to close the doors on Bree’s rape?

Harper’s BAZAAR: This episode has a lot of whiplash moments for Brianna. At the start, she’s still essentially a kid. Then she’s unexpectedly marrying the man she loves, then she finds out he betrayed her and they have a terrible fight. On top of all that, she’s brutally attacked. That’s a lot to take in in in 53 minutes.

HB: Bree gets a lot of mixed reviews from fans of the show. What do you think it is about Brianna that makes her so divisive a character?

HB: How did it feel to be the focal point of an entire episode, in last week’s “Down the Rabbit Hole”?

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