Soap star David Easter speaks out on suicide attempt after addiction trauma

Soap star David Easter has opened up about his experience of addiction in order to help others.

The actor, who appeared in Hollyoaks and Emmerdale, has battled alcohol and drug addiction for most of his life, and has shared his experiences, as he becomes the new patron for Yalding-based charity Kenward Trust.

‘I was a functioning alcoholic and a drug addict from the age of 30’, David told Kent Online.

‘It’s triggered by a traumatic experience which for me was that I had a pretty bad childhood.

‘It was like a horror film. I suffered sexual and physical abuse. I always tried to push it to the back of my mind but at 40-years-old I had a mental breakdown.

David became so unwell in January of this year, and he attempted to take his own life.

‘I attempted to take my own life but I was stopped,’ he said.

‘Then I made a phone call to a friend and I went to stay with him and he put me in touch with Kenward Trust.’

David has become the patron of Kenward Trust, which supports those who have been affected by addiction, homelessness and crime.

‘I’m not being over dramatic but if it wasn’t for Kenward Trust, I think I would be dead.’

‘I want to help people so they don’t feel the need to turn to drugs. They should know everyone deserves a second chance. Addicts blame themselves and they feel everyone blames them when actually it’s not their fault.’

David is perhaps best known for portraying Mac Nightingale in Hollyoaks.

He also appeared in Emmerdale as Gil Keane, a potential investor in Declan (Jason Merrells) business.

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