Ski-Z on Shark Tank: This could change your ski vacation forever

During Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank, viewers will be introduced to two entrepreneurs from Lafayette, Louisiana. They are trying to solve a problem that isn’t’ a common everyday problem but is a joyful solution for those in need.

Ski-Z Rolling Ski Carrier is the product the two are pitching in the tank. The product is designed to help you get your skis from point A to point B without carrying them.

The rolling carriers will caddy your skis for you. You simply attach the skis to the rolling system and walk safely through crowds, letting the roller take the weight and the hassle for you.

Once it’s time to hit the slopes, the system fits in your pocket, so you never leave it behind.

The wheel system is designed for the cold weather and there’s both a Velcro hook and a loop fastener to ensure that your skis stay on. The system is flexible, meaning you can both push and pull the system to suit your personal preference.

A single rolling system will work for a single pair of skis, as the system fits in between the skis. You can currently buy the system on the company’s website and it’s listed for $21.95 at present time, a discounted price from the original $24.95.

The rolling system comes in four different colors, including red, green, pink, and grey. The product is made in the United States and based on the reviews shared on the company’s website, people love the ease of the product going to and from the ski hill or chalets.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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