Six Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Gabby’s pregnancy shock and Paul’s kidnap horror

GABBY Thomas is devastated to discover she’s pregnant with Jamie Tate’s baby next week in Emmerdale, while Mandy is horrified when Paul is kidnapped. 

Here’s the lowdown from the ITV soap…

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1. Jamie rejects Gabby

Laurel notices Gabby looking upset and asks what’s wrong, but Gabby quickly puts on a brave face. 

Later, Jamie savagely tells Gabby she was a drunken mistake when she tries to talk to him. 

When he advises her to forget what happened between them, she’s devastated.

2. Gabby tells Laurel she’s pregnant

The following day, Laurel is shocked when Gabby tells her she thinks she might be pregnant. 

A test later confirms her fears, but Gabby refuses to tell Laurel who the dad is – and insists that he won’t want anything to do with the child.

Laurel assures Gabby that she has her support but encourages her to tell the father in case he changes his mind. 

3. Jamie pines after Dawn

Meanwhile, Jamie confesses the extent of his feelings for Dawn to Paddy.

But he’s irritated when he sees Gabby approaching. 

Will Gabby tell Jamie about the pregnancy and how will he react?

4. Paul is kidnapped

When Paul fails to pay gangster Connor the money he owes him, Connor brings out a metal bar and tells him his time is up. 

Mandy receives a voicemail from Paul warning her he’s in trouble, and she pulls up at the scrapyard to see Connor in a balaclava kidnapping Paul right in front of her eyes. 

Connor tells Mandy if she can’t pay £4,000 in ransom by tomorrow, she’ll never see Paul ever again. 

5. Mandy goes to great lengths to save Paul

Mandy and Vinny struggle to gather the money together, but the next day Mandy reveals a bag of cash to her stunned family. 

Mandy heads out with a cricket bat in hand, driving to the layby where Connor has requested they meet.

Will Mandy’s plan work out or could she end up in grave danger?

6. Charity moves in with Diane

Diane agrees to let Charity stay with her after she's booted out by her family.

Diane encourages her to try and make amends by signing over her shares in the Woolpack without making a fuss. 

Will Charity fight for her family?

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