Silent Witness’s Jack Hodgson star cringes over Emilia Fox kiss ‘So sorry!’

David Caves cringes at kissing scene on Silent Witness

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Silent Witness returned to BBC One on Monday night and had viewers at the edge of their seats as Amanda Burton returned as Sam Ryan to the 25th series. Fans were also eager to see how Dr Nikki Alexander (played by Emilia Fox) and Jack Hodgson (David Caves) were doing after their relationship took a step forward at the end of season 24. Appearing on The One Show, David was left cringing as he watched a kissing scene back.

Touching on the blossoming relationship between Nikki and Jack, host Alex Jones began: “Now, at the end of the last series, we finally saw your characters kiss, which the audience were desperate for!”

She had questions from viewers at home and continued: “Now hang on, I have a question here from Beth.

“She says, ‘Are you excited to finally be exploring the relationship that we have all been waiting for?'”

A clip could be seen of the pair kissing for the first time as co-host Jermaine Jenas added: “There look, nice and awkward for you.”

Unable to watch the clip, David covered his face with his hand and turned away from the screen, cringing.

“I’m so sorry,” he joked as Jermaine spotted Emilia avoiding the moment too.

Jermaine exclaimed: “Trying to not look at it, both of them look!”

Going on to answer the fan question, David said: “Well, it is a big one, going from friends to being in a relationship together it’s a big thing to do.

“But we felt like it was the right moment, and we felt the viewers deserved it, and we should reward them with that.

“So in this series, we have tried to drop that in again as much as we can to keep that going, keep that fire lit.”

“But not let it take over what the crime stories are,” Emilia added.

“Because what happens when two characters come together that the audience are very familiar with, do you break them up? Do you get them to have a domestic?”

Jermaine joked: “You have to ruin it at some point!”

On Monday night, fans were ecstatic as after years of professional flirting, the pair finally spent the night together in a hotel room in Liverpool.

After spending the night in a hotel bar listening to soft jazz, the pair made their way upstairs and came to a halt at their rooms on either side of the corridor.

“It feels about a million years ago now but… what happened in the taxi. After the flood,” Nikki said, the door to her hotel room half-open.

“No, no,” insisted Jack, moving to stand next to her as she continued: “Good. I was worried that… Did I overstep the mark? Only because I kissed you, then you had to go.”

“Yeah, s**t timing,” Jack agreed, before finally leaning in and following Nikki inside before the next scene cut to morning and showed the characters leaving Nikki’s hotel room together.

Taking to social media, @Georgeroyde exclaimed: “Full warning if Jack and Nikki break my heart, I will sue the BBC #SilentWitness you can’t make us wait all this time for them to get together and then hurt them.”

Tegan Jenkins commented: “I’m loving the chemistry between Jack and Nikki! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.”

@Rolostar added: “Yes, yes and a thousand times YES to Nikki and Jack! Have been waiting a lifetime for these two to finally get together.”

Silent Witness airs Monday and Tuesday from 9pm on BBC One.

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