Sexiest movies ever revealed, from Basic Instinct – with THAT Sharon Stone scene – to Fifty Shades & Eyes Wide Shut

SHARON Stone's world-famous thriller Basic Instinct is the most erotic Hollywood movie of all time, a new survey has found.

The controversial 1992 hit famously sees Stone’s bisexual crime writer character Catherine Tramell flash all when she uncrosses her legs during an interrogation scene.

Another X-rated scene also shows her engage in very kinky sex with Michael Douglas’s murder detective Nick Curran.

Stone, 62, later criticised the film, claiming she had not known that audiences would get to peek under her short white dress.

In another temperature raising moment, Tramell ties up Curran to a headboard using a silk scarf.

The 18 certificate movie topped a survey conducted by which polled 2,760 people. They also looked at which of the 13 sexiest movies picked out by respondents received the most searches on Google.

With 4,000 requests for Stone’s leg-crossing moment, it is clear what instincts internet surfers have.

But the majority of people did not go for the most soft porn of all the movies on the list.

The 2013 French movie Blue is the Warmest Colour, starring Bond girl Lea Seydoux, features several fully naked and lingering moments of love-making.

Seydoux and her co-star Adele Exarchopoulos put the blue into blue movies with the all too passionate looking bedroom encounters.

This tale of a lesbian love affair won the prestigious Palme d’Or prize at the Cannes Film Festival, but the director was accused of mistreating his cast.

According to it has eight sex scenes, which is two more than Basic Instinct.

It also has a couple more than Fifty Shades of Grey, which finished second in the poll.

The adaptation of British author EL James’s bonkbuster was crucified by both critics and fans on its release five years ago.

Many viewers thought the S&M action involving Jamie Dornan’s dominant Christian Grey and his young lover Anastasia Steele, played by Dakota Johnson, were not racy enough.

But the 18 certificate movie finished a close runner up to Basic Instinct all the same, when various factors were totted up.

They included the amount of times people searched for terms such as “film + nude” on Google and YouTube.

Results for that search term will reveal the moment Dakota and Jamie both go topless when she is tied up in his secret bondage playroom.

Initially, respondents were asked to select their five sexiest films from the hundred plus list on the movie website

From their answers the total was whittled down to the top 13 most racy pictures.

In fourth position is Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s orgy thriller Eyes Wide Shut, which was panned by many critics on its release in 1999 despite being directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick.

Some reviewers thought the movie was “dull”, even though it featured much naked love making between Kidman and Cruise.

Close behind, in fifth place, is Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phllippe’s tale of teen sexual duplicity Cruel Intentions.

The top 13 in full… which one would choose for a date night?

  1. Basic Instinct
  2. Fifty Shades of Grey
  3. Blue is the Warmest Colour
  4. Eyes Wide Shut
  5. Cruel Intentions
  6. Bound
  7. American Beauty
  8. Secretary
  9. Friends with Benefits
  10. No Strings Attached
  11. Indecent Proposal
  12. Notes on a Scandal
  13. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

The 15 rated movie is far more famous for the sensual kiss shared by Geller and Selma Blair’s characters than anything too saucy.

Back in 1999 when Cruel Intentions was released, a lesbian snog was still relatively unusual in mainstream movies.

Finishing bottom of the poll is the Woody Allen relationship drama Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which received a tame 12 certification from the British Board of Film Classification.

None of the love making in the Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem film revealed any flesh.

Imdb users clearly have a very different definition of what makes a movie “sexy”, however, because Vicky Cristina Barcelona is fourth on the website’s list.

But their choices aren’t the only ones which are surprising.

Voters on the poll didn’t pick either 9 and a half Weeks or Fatal Attraction.

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