'Sex and the City': 3 Times Carrie Bradshaw Should Have Really Ended Her Romance With Mr. Big

And Just Like That…, the Sex and the City reboot, opted to permanently end Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big’s romance by killing off the famed character. His death when the couple was “happier than they had ever been” was certainly a heartwrenching moment. Still, Susan Sharon was right; Mr. Big was pretty awful to Carrie during the show’s original run. There were three moments when Carrie should have ended the relationship for good. 

Carrie should have permanently severed ties after Mr. Big left for Paris in season 2 of ‘Sex and the City’ 

In season 2 of Sex and the City, Carrie and Mr. Big reconvened their romance after a messy breakup in the season 1 finale. Carrie, at one point, insisted that the two of them seemed to realize that their connection was the real deal if they came back together. They were not on the same page. Instead, Mr. Big informed Carrie that he would need to move to Paris for work. 

The move likely wouldn’t have been the end of their romance if he hadn’t made it abundantly clear that he had no plans to factor her into his life. The relationship ended when Mr. Big went to Paris. After he left the city, the duo had no contact until they ran into each other in the Hamptons. Mr. Big had his new girlfriend at his side. That moment, at the very least, should have signaled that things were never going to be right between them. 

Carrie Bradshaw should have gone no contact with Mr. Big after their big affair 

In season 3, Carrie and Mr. Big embark on an affair. While the tryst didn’t last all that long, it certainly left a trail of destruction in its wake. Not only did the experience ruin Carrie’s relationship with Aidan Shaw, but it was the catalyst for Mr. Big’s second divorce. 

While it certainly took both parties to carry on the affair, he was the one who pursued her. He only went after her when he realized she was happy with another man. Carrie should have cut all contact with her big love when she left him in the emergency room where Natasha was getting stitches. Natasha needed to visit the hospital after she caught Carrie in the apartment she shared with her then-husband. 

Carrie should have never gone back to her ex after he left her at the altar in ‘Sex and the City: The Movie’

In Sex and the City: The Movie, the famed couple were getting along swimmingly when they decided to get married. The long-awaited nuptials were not meant to be, though. The couple’s romance ended when Mr. Big, terrified at the prospect of getting married again, left Carrie at the altar. 

The entirety of the flick focused on Carrie attempting to get her life back in order after the embarrassment and heartbreak of her canceled wedding. In the film’s final moments, the duo reconnected and married City Hall. The moment was a romantic one, but it probably shouldn’t have happened in reality. After so many years of being jerked around by Mr. Big, the jilting should have been Carrie’s signal that it was time to walk away for good. 

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