Seth Meyers Takes Aim at Joggers in the Age of COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 across the world has rendered us all afraid of some pretty strange things: crowded grocery stores, touching our mail and, of course, joggers. Seth Meyers took aim at the spandex menace on Tuesday night’s Late Night in a segment he’s calling “Hey!”

“Hey! Joggers,” Meyers opened, “It’s scary enough being out in the world right now without one of you stomping up from behind panting and gasping. It’s like a horror movie, except Jason has the decency to wear a mask.” He then pointed out that people could be positive for the virus even without symptoms: “You could be crop-dusting us with corona. When Nike says ‘Just Do It!’ they don’t mean mass murder.”

He then segues into a rant about how joggers would be out there, running, even if a meteor was heading for Earth and suggests that they run in place at home — like they do at red lights.

Earlier this month, a Belgian-Dutch research team self-published a report urging bikers and runners to take care when passing others out and about on the road; apparently, potentially infected respiratory droplets could spread further than six feet when a person is in motion. That study has yet to be peer-reviewed or properly vetted, as Wired points out.

Runner’s World recently dropped at article detailing how to safely go for jogs in the age of COVID-19, advising runners to wear “a Buff gaiter or other moisture-wicking face covering while running as well as maintaining at least a six-foot distance from others may help cut down on droplets being spread to others due to heavy breathing if you’re in an area where you may encounter others.”

“Hey, this isn’t easy for me to say because I’m also a runner,” Meyers continued. “In fact, I personally run a couple of mar—” he added before a disembodied voice (his wife Alexi Ashe?) informs him that “no one cares.”

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