Selena Quintanilla is the Subject of a New Netflix Series: Who Was She, and How Was She Killed?

An American singer that has inspired and entertained generations, Selena Quintanilla became a legend even before her untimely death at the age of 23. Now with a brand-new Netflix series based on the life of the super-talented singer in the works, even more fans will be drawn to the myth and magic of the Queen of Tejano music.

Selena’s career and achievements

Fans hold a photo of Selena during the ceremony honoring singer Selena Quintanilla with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 3, 2017 | Tara Ziemba/AFP/Getty Images)

Born in 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas, Selena Quintanilla began displaying her musical abilities before she was ten years old. Young Selena and her family began performing as a family band, and by the time she was in the eighth grade, Selena was pulled from school so she could focus on her burgeoning career full-time.

Quintanilla toured with her family’s band, named Selena y Los Dinos, in an unreliable bus dubbed “Big Bertha” for several years. The family endured financial hardship and less-than-sanitary conditions in many of the towns where they performed. In the late eighties, Quintanilla began recording LPs, including Alpha and And the Winner Is…

Finally, in 1987, Selena Quintanilla received her big break when she was “discovered” by the founder of the Latin music awards, Rick Trevi. Following the release of her debut single, Selena, in 1989, Quintanilla became a sensation. Her 1992 album Entre a Mi Mundo stayed at number 1 on the Billboard charts for nineteen weeks, and by 1995, the popular singer had won a host of awards and honors, including being inducted into the Billboard Latin Music Hall of Fame. The beautiful, stylish singer was often referred to as the “Mexican Madonna” for her unique wardrobe choices, and she even released her very own, highly popular clothing line.

The shocking murder of Selena

The death of Selena Quintanilla was tragic, untimely, and entirely unforeseen. The tragedy began when Quintanilla’s father discovered that the manager of her clothing boutiques (and president of the Selena fan club), Yolanda Saldivar, had been embezzling money from the stores she was managing.

Trying to put things to rights, Quintanilla arranged a meeting with Saldivar in a hotel room to discuss the embezzlement and how Saldivar planned to pay back the money. Upon arrival at the meeting, Quintanilla was met by Saldivar brandishing a gun. Yolanda Saldivar shot the Tejano singer. Though Selena managed to escape the hotel room, she later died at the hospital from blood loss. Her death had an immediate, profound impact on her fanbase and family alike.

What we know about the new Selena Netflix series

Selena Quintanilla has been the subject of feature films and television shows before, most notably in the 1997 film starring style icon Jennifer Lopez as the famous singer. However, in their announcement for the new Netflix series, it was revealed that the series was being produced in cooperation with the Quintanilla family.

Selena: La Serie is scheduled for release in 2020, though an exact premiere date has not yet been set. The show will follow the story of Selena Quintanilla’s road to success, including the life-changing choices that she and her family made along the way. A statement from the Quintanilla family noted that with this series, viewers will finally get the full history of Selena, her family, and the impact she had on all of their lives.

Netflix is the hottest viewing platform for fans of all ages, and the buzz that this new series has already received is massive. While the cast has not yet been announced, and it is uncertain how long each episode of the series will be, fans are eagerly awaiting the next announcement from Netflix to learn more details about the brand-new series.

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