Sarah Trott Responds to "Steamy Pictures" of Her and DJ Bijou Weeks Before 'Bachelor' Filming

So, The Sun just dropped a slightly thirsty report claiming that Bachelor contestant Sarah Trott was dating DJ Bijou (Ben Dorman) both before and after her brief relationship with Matt James. Which has lead to inevitable, slightly eye-roll inducing, speculation that she wasn’t on the show for the “right reasons.”

The Sun published what they described as “steamy pictures” of Sarah and DJ Bijougetting frisky on a boat” while vacationing together several weeks before she left for Bachelor. But a spokesperson for Sarah denies that they ever had a relationship, telling Us Weekly that she “unequivocally did not have a boyfriend before, during or after her appearance on The Bachelor.”

Sarah’s spokesperson continued that she was simply with “a group of friends, Ben Dorman being one of them” on the trip:

The spokesperson added “any photographs or text messages mentioned are taken out of context and a misrepresentation of the circumstances,” and confirmed that Sarah left the show “due the deteriorating health of her father and the awful treatment she received from the other cast members; not due to a purported relationship with Ben.”

Welp, that’s that on that!

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