Sanditon’s Sophie Winkleman admits she loves escaping ‘mental chaos’ of royal home

Sanditon star and royal Sophie Winkleman has revealed that getting away from the "mental chaos" of her home to film the ITVX drama was a "godly" experience.

The 42-year-old, who stars as Lady Susan in the third series of Sanditon, is married to King Charles' second cousin Lord Frederick Windsor, with whom she shares nine-year-old Maud and seven-year-old Isabella.

However, the Peep Show star said that she enjoyed escaping their royal London home for the "peace and quiet" of a Bristol flat, where she stayed during the Sanditon shoot.

"I'm ashamed to say that my tiny little silent clean flat in Bristol was godly to me. Getting away from the mental chaos of my home! Don't worry I love them, but the peace and quiet after a day's work was completely beautiful," she said.

"One of my favourite things about the job was not only the amazing cast and crew and scripts and my wonderful part, but also a holiday!"

She added that she returned to the family home at weekends to reunite with her family and youngest daughter, who struggled with the long distance phone calls.

"My elder girl would call me every night to moan about various people in her class on the landline but little one preferred not to hear my voice. She got upset and that was awful, I couldn't bear that," she said.

"But my husband did a brilliant job. My mother was wonderful. My sister in law (Lady Gabriella Kingston), we're lucky enough to have very dear family who live close by so they were completely fine."

Sophie adds that she suspects that the household ran more smoothly when she wasn't there, joking; " I think they behaved much better when I'm not around, annoyingly!"

"I can't do long jobs in different countries but different parts of England is totally manageable. It was a few months, it was fine."

Sophie, who is the half-sister of Strictly Come Dancing host Claudia Winkleman, married Lord Frederick Windsor in 2009 and has since acted in Death in Paradise, Julian Fellowes' Titanic, Endeavour and This is Going to Hurt.

The Sanditon star is returning to the latest series as Lady Susan – the King's mistress – and admitted that she was "grateful" for the historical advisor on the show.

"I can't underestimate how helpful they are if you want to know how Ladies would eat, when they would put down their knife and fork, how they would accept a glass, whether they'd speak to staff or not, or how they would hold their fan in certain situations," she added.

Sanditon returns to ITVX on Thursday 17th August.

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