Sam Claflin ‘couldn’t stop crying’ filming Daisy Jones and the Six

Daisy Jones & the Six trailer released by Amazon Prime Video

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Fans have already been introduced to Taylor Jenkins Reid’s iconic band and their explosive frontwoman, Daisy Jones (played by Riley Keough), in the first three episodes of Prime Video’s addictive adaptation of the bestselling book. With more stunning performances and backstage drama to come, the leading man Sam Claflin has opened up on the cast’s emotional journey.

Claflin admitted he was in floods of tears during much of the filming for Daisy Jones and the Six’s final episodes.

Three more instalments of the band’s rise and fall will be released this Friday, with the rest of the series released in pairs in the second half of March.

The Six are currently riding high after their first successful collaboration with Daisy, but their newfound fame will come with dire consequences for their lives off-stage.

Having worked on the series throughout the pandemic, Claflin revealed his post-pandemic mindset helped him open up to the cast and crew to make his performance as Billy Dunne as authentic as possible.

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“This is the closest I’ve ever felt or connected to a character, in so many ways,” he revealed.

“It was the most authentic I’ve felt in a performance. There were moments where the producers said, ‘We’re going to try one without you crying.’

“We did the read-through of the series, and the whole last episode I was inconsolable.

“‘Sam you need to say your lines’,” Claflin recalled, before breaking down in high-pitched, fake crying.

Not only was the Hunger Games star invested in his own performance, but he also found himself completely wrapped up in the stories of Billy’s band and his wife Camila (Camila Morrone).

“It’s not even just Billy,” he went on at the series’ launch in London.

“Every character I found relatable to my life in one way or another.

“I posted on Instagram, ‘This is like therapy for me’. And coming out of Covid, where I was at a low point in my life and doing a lot of self-reflection – too much self-reflection – it was like a rebirth.”

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“It’s a very positive thing, and this job was like a network of family – sorry Mum – they were there to catch me at a time I needed catching.”

Thankfully, the cast still managed to find the funny side of some of the series’ more emotionally intense moments.

“We had a blanket for a baby,” Claflin recalled. “I’ll never forget going [fake crying], ‘It’s so beautiful!’”

His co-star Morrone added: “Sam has this emotional scene where he has to look at the baby.”

“And I’m like, ‘Pick up your baby!’ And he’s looking at this wrapped blanket they found and he’s like, ‘I can’t!’

“He’s supposed to cry and I’m looking at him like, ‘Please!’” she exclaimed before both stars broke out laughing.

The cast kept details for the remainder of the series to themselves but, needless to say, there will be plenty of heartache and headbangers still to come over the next few weeks.

Daisy Jones and the Six continues Fridays on Prime Video.

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