Roy arrest shock, hospital dash and Gemma illness terror in Corrie next week

The health of several Coronation Street residents is at risk in next week’s episodes, as Cassie Plummer’s (Claire Sweeney) life is on the line, while Chesney Brown’s (Sam Aston) fears for Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) mount.

Cassie’s addiction continues to consume her, despite Tyrone Dobbs’ (Alan Halsall) efforts to get her grounded in her new life in Weatherfield.

She is given a new job and plenty of support, but drug-dealing Dean remains a thorn in her side, leading to theft from work and home, and then an overdose that sees her rushed to hospital after collapsing.

After this, she is set to bring even more despair to Tyrone’s door as she spins lies about her childhood, which only serves to drive a deeper wedge between Tyrone and Evelyn (Maureen Lipman).

Elsewhere, in the wake of a dramatic confession of undying love from Henry Newton (George Banks), Gemma is in a tailspin.

And, with caring for the quads and trying to support dying brother Paul Foreman (Peter Ash), she is taking on a lot.

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It seems Chesney’s worries that her illness could take hold once more may be founded.

And in other Street developments, the teens are in chaos as Max Turner (Paddy Bever) is in the middle of a potential love triangle.

Having been rejected by him, Lauren (Cait Fitton) is consumed by rage and trashes the salon, which leads to a warning from David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) to his son.

Whose fingers will be burnt?

Monday September 4

As Cassie arrives at the garage for her first day at work, Tyrone thanks Kevin for giving her a chance. But as Cassie sweeps the forecourt, Dean approaches demanding drug money.

Cassie promises to pay him by the end of the day and hisses at him to go. Recognising Dean from her own druggie days, Abi wonders what’s going on.

When Cassie then refuses to go for lunch, making out she’s waiting for a customer, a suspicious Abi nips back to find Cassie helping herself to the petty cash. As Tyrone and Evelyn appear, Cassie begs Abi not to say anything.

Henry lures Gemma to a hotel bar on the premise of a business meeting. Insisting on buying her a drink, he admits there is no meeting, he’s lost his job, but he loves her with all his heart and wants them to spend the rest of their lives together.

Ronnie tells Debbie he slipped up and admitted to Henry Newton that he knew about the Waterfords deal before it was announced. Debbie tells him not to worry as she deleted the picture of the contract from her phone. 

David watches proudly as Max sets off for his first day at college. When Daisy finds out that Jenny is treating Stephen to a holiday she warns Jenny not to waste her money on him. 

Wednesday September 6

With Tyrone struggling to get Ruby’s new boots in time for her party, Cassie offers to pop into town and pick them up. Tyrone reluctantly hands her £80, while Evelyn’s incredulous.

After meeting Dean on a street corner, Cassie pops several of the pills he’s just sold her. Jack and Ruby’s party starts, Tyrone glances at the door, desperate for Cassie to show up and prove Evelyn wrong.

But when Michael lets slip how he saw a bloke roughing up Cassie last week, Abi’s forced to confirm that Dean’s a drug dealer that Cassie owed money to and she caught her trying to steal the petty cash.

Tyrone’s horrified as they scour the streets in search of Cassie. When Hope yells that she’s found her, slumped on the pavement, clearly having overdosed, they call an ambulance.

Max lies to Lauren, making out he’s in college all day before heading to the precinct with Sabrina. A deflated Lauren watches from a distance. As Sabrina heads off, Gav urges Max to stop messing about and ask Sabrina out as it’s obvious he fancies her.

Back at the café Lauren attempts to wind Sabrina up by making out that she and Max are an item. Max assures Sabrina that’s not the case. Alone in the salon, Lauren in a fit of rage, trashes the place.

Ronnie presents Ed with his own bank card for the business account. As Ed takes the card, he masks his unease. 

Bernie offers to make a contribution to the bills, but Gemma won’t hear of it, pointing out that she got them into this mess. Chesney’s concerned that the stress could make her ill again. 

Thursday September 7

Abi suggests to Cassie she should join her at the support group as it’s the only way she’ll ever get clean. When Cassie asks Tyrone to go with her, he finds it difficult to refuse.

At the support group, Cassie lies to the group, telling them how her Mum kicked her out, she turned to prostitution and ended up on drugs. Tyrone listens, his heart breaking.

An angry Tyrone asserts that he’s disgusted with Evelyn for turning her back on her own daughter and he intends to have it out with her. 

David lays the law down with Max, telling him that since he refuses to go to college, he can start as an apprentice hairdresser.. Max lets himself into the salon and surveys the mess with horror. Lauren admits that she trashed the place in fit of temper.

Having done their best to clean up the salon, Max orders Lauren out and promises he’ll cover for her.

But when David and Maria clock the broken mirror, they demand Max tell them what’s been going on. In the café, Lauren apologises to Roy for missing her shift. However they’re interrupted by a police officer who announces that he’s arresting her on suspicion of causing criminal damage. Lauren’s heart sinks. 

Eliza’s excited to go to the cinema with her dad but when she returns home from school in tears and tells Stu she started her period in the middle of PE, wanted to die with embarrassment and doesn’t want to see her Dad, Stu hugs her. 

When Courtney suggests an afternoon tryst, Aadi’s torn and explains that he’s got a meeting with Darren and Dev. Aadi attends the meeting but when Darren starts quizzing him about his love life, Aadi wishes the ground would swallow him up.

Ronnie tells Ed he’s transferred half of the share money into his personal account so that Aggie never gets wind of it. Ed assures him he can trust him. 

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