Roman Kemp compares Buckingham Palace after-party to Watford nightclub

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Roman Kemp said he "slipped" into a Buckingham Palace after-party at the Platinum Jubilee – and compared the palace bash to a Watford nightclub.

The Capital FM DJ presented The One Show with BBC star Alex Jones on Thursday (June 9) – but it wasn't long before he revealed he partied it up with the royals at the Queen's historic London palace.

Roman attended the prestigious Palace bash after bagging himself a BBC hosting job at the Platinum Jubilee concert last weekend.

He left Alex gasping when he told her about the after-party – and how it reminded him of the Destiny nightclub in Watford.

Welsh mum Alex had just welcomed Roman back to the One Show sofa as she said: "Now then, Roman. You were busy last weekend. You did a brilliant job, by the way, backstage at the concert."

Roman replied: "Thank you very much," before she asked him: "How was it? You were the man with all the gossip, I hear."

Dropping the gossip, Roman began: "I was lucky enough to slip into the Platinum Jubilee after-party at the palace, which did mean we got to go inside Buckingham palace for an after-party."

A shocked Alex replied: "Hang on, what?" before Roman: "That's a big drop there, already."

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Alex said: "With the royals?" to which Roman confirmed: "With the royals."

However, Roman said the best thing about it was that they switched the lights on at the end of the party – just like they do in a typical nightclub.

Roman said: "You'd think that at the end of a party at Buckingham Palace, they'd slowly and cautiously usher everyone out really nicely.

"They don't. They just switch the lights on. It's the exact same thing that they do in Destiny nightclub in Watford. End of the night, you're out!"

Roman added: "I liked it, I was here for it."

Alex kept quizzing him as she said: "So drinks, food, all of that?"

Roman added: "Yeah, very nice. I felt very regal."

The radio star rubbed shoulders with Kate Middleton at the event, where he accidentally told the Duchess she looked "really fit" before backtracking on the flirty comment.

He told the BBC's Kirsty Young: "I’m terrible at royal protocol when you meet a royal and what you have to say."

Roman went on: "I make mistakes all the time. Yesterday, Princess Kate was there."

He said she looked "amazing" before admitting to Kirsty: "I saw her and she said, 'you look great' and I said to her 'wow, yeah you look really fit!'"

The DJ later tried to correct himself as told Kate: "No not like that!'"

Luckily, the Duchess laughed and thanked him for the compliment.

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